ii. Hazrat Sufi Shah Sulaimaan Saheb Lajpuri
He was a very august Buzrug. By good coincidence, one day Sufi Saheb was coming from Surat to Rander and Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi was travelling from Rander to Surat. On the way they encountered each other on a bridge. Sufi Saheb immediately alighted from his transport and met Hazrat Thanwi who was in a vehicle.

This first meeting alone left such an impression on him that when he reached Rander he went to sit in the Masjid and in front of his devotees and disciples he shed tears for quite some time. Finally one of them mustered up some courage and asked: “What happened?” Spontaneously he replied taking the name of Hazrat Thanwi: “I don’t know what he did with his eyes to me.”

iii. Hazrat Moulana Shah Abu Ahmad Saheb Mujaddidi Bhopali
He was a famous Buzrug of his time. During Hazrat Thanwi’s journey to Bhopal Hazrat went to visit him. Coincidentally he was sleeping at the time. Therefore, Hazrat waited outside rather than disturb his sleep. After quite some time when Moulana Shah Bhopali woke up, Hazrat Thanwi sent a message of his presence through some attendants. When Moulana Bhopali learnt that Hazrat Thanwi had come and due to him sleeping he had waited, he became very angry with the attendants for not waking him up. Hazrat spoke on their behalf saying: “I was sitting very relaxed.”

His anger subsided by that and for long he spoke affectionately with Hazrat.