9.7 Reason for the Recognition

The extraordinary respect and honour shown to him by Buzrugaan-e-Kiraam and Awliya-e-Izaam of every spiritual order in spite of his young age; by them approaching him as with a Buzrug, without formal introduction to him; the outmost consideration accorded to him and without prior meeting reposing total confidence in him are ostensible proofs of him being respected, honoured, loved and accepted. But, in reality its nature was something else, from which the veil was removed by Hazrat Moulana Gangohi’s (Rahmatullahi alaih) Khaleefa-e-Mujaaz, the emotional and ecstatic Buzrug Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Roshan Khan Saheb (Rahmatullahi alaih).

This was when Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi went to visit the said Buzrug at a time when he was preparing for his journey to the Aakhirat. After explaining his illness, unexpectedly he requested du’aa from Hazrat Thanwi emotionally and with tears in his eyes. He said:
“Well! This is the state of my illness. Now you make du’aa for me that Allah Ta’ala makes my ending with Imaan. Allah Ta’ala has made you the Mujaddid of this century. May Allah Ta’ala cast light to this world through your faiz and barakaat and at your hands may He uproot customs and bid’aat.”