The Life of Hakeemul Ummat (67)

11.7 Style of Speaking

Whenever Hazrat would speak on contentious issues he would never at all attempt to detach the mureeds and associates of other Buzrugs of different thought. In fact, he would speak the matter in such a beautiful manner that even after listening to bitter and sour things they would be under the impression that Hazrat was friendly with them.

In a certain place, Maarwaar, Hazrat was due to give a lecture. The peer zaadah there feared that Hazrat Thanwi will try to take the peer zaadah’s mureeds away from him. He, therefore, discreetly took an Aalim of his kind and liking and sat for the bayaan.

The reason behind bringing his ‘own’ Aalim was to stage a protest debate at anything which Hazrat puts forward against his ideals. Hazrat was blissfully unaware of this. However, Minjaanibillah – with the Direction of Allah – a befitting topic came under discussion in which Hazrat very subtly drew the attention of people away from these peer zaadahs. He stated:
“The offspring of the Buzrugs deserve the right to be served financially. However, Deeni service should not be taken from them at all. Don’t trouble them by asking mas-alah masaa-il. This service should be taken from the Ulama as they are learned. But don’t serve the Ulama financially as they are not in need of it. All are earning a livelihood to the degree of necessity, whereas the Buzrug Zaadahs have no means of livelihood. Therefore, they should be served financially and work should be taken from the Ulama.”

Upon hearing this, the peer zaadah became very happy and after the wa’z, instead of initiating an argument, he kissed the hands of Hazrat, whereas Hazrat had in fact severed his legs. [In other words, Hazrat Thanwi had drawn the attention of people not to follow the peer zaadahs in Deeni matters as they were jaahil and bid’atis ensnaring the ignorant masses into committing acts of bid’ah and shir’k at the graves of their ancestral Buzrugs.]