The Journey of Taqwa

In our previous issue, it was mentioned that Hadhrat Moulana Maseehullah Rahmatullahi alayh, despite being unwell and weak, accepted the heartfelt and sincere invitation to visit Pakistan extended to him by his family, friends and Mureeds. The enthusiasm, fervor and passion of his acquaintances who longed for his companionship stirred and encouraged him to undertake the challenging journey. Hadhrat was approximately 79 years old. Afte Fajr Salaah, he broached the subject of undertaking the journey with this writer in a very informal, brief manner. He mentioned that further discussions would continue after breakfast.

And so we met after breakfast. A few fortunate souls planning a journey that would touch the lives of scores of people. In a simple village called Jalalabad, some serious issues were going to be discussed which would affect many lives’. Present in the meeting was Hadhrat’s son, Bhaijaan Rahmatullahi alayh, two other close khaadims of Hadhrat and this writer. Dates for the departure and return were proposed and analyzed. The visa requirements were discussed. Time was short as the Siyaanatul Muslimeen Jalsa which Hadhrat wished to attend, was due to begin in a few days. It appeared impossible to get the visa and the bookings done before the Jalsa commenced. There were murmurs of concern and worried frowns until someone exclaimed excitedly:

“Hadhrat, I remember that during your previous trip to Pakistan, a very prominent person had sent a letter addressed to the Pakistani Ambassador based in Delhi to assist with your visa application. The visa was immediately granted. By presenting the letter at the embassy, Insha-Allah, the visa could be obtained today. Hadhrat, I know where that letter is!”

Everyone was overjoyed at this good news beside Hadhrat who was thinking deeply. The letter was brought and read aloud. Yep, this was it! The visa was as good as issued. We were staring at one another, celebrating with glittering eyes at our good fortune and the “help of Allah”.  Hadhrat was also staring deeply… but he was staring at something else.

“I am just thinking that this letter to the Ambassador was meant for that journey and it may not have been intended to be used for this current journey which I wish to undertake. I do not feel right to use it now.”


Subhanallah! Everyone froze in amazement at Hadhrat’s Taqwa. Here was ease and comfort in the lap of Hadhrat. Here was an opportunity which we would justify as a “severe need” and “an emergency” befitting “some scope” as he was going to Pakistan to do “Deeni Khidmat”. Just look at our foolishness of assuming that the discovery of the letter addressed to the Pakistani Ambassador was a form of “Allah’s Help!”

Even as we were celebrating our weird perception, Hadhrat’s gaze was falling far, very far ahead. Sidq: Amongst the meritorious qualities which the soul is adorned with is the quality of Sidq. All the Ambiya possessed this unique quality. Allah Ta’aala has promised the Siddiqeen: Allah will say: “This is a Day on which the truthful will profit from their truth, for them are Gardens under which rivers flow (in Paradise) – they shall abide therein forever. Allah is pleased with them and they with Him. That is the great success.” (Aayah 119 Surah Ma’idah)

A Sadiq cannot tell or live a lie. In fact, a Sadiq will automatically scent the slightest whiff of dishonesty from afar. A Sadiq will flee from that whiff as one flees from a tornado for in the dishonesty lies the trap of Shaytaan.  A Sadiq understands that good intentions and a good cause can never ever be a product from Shaytaan.

Hadhrat Rahmatullahi alayh preferred not going to Pakistan rather than re-use a letter that was meant to be used ONCE only.  Convenience mattered not, nor noble objectives. All that mattered was that his soul should not be soiled and polluted with deceiving anyone. Hadhrats decision was welcomed by one and all. With a throbbing heart, this servant sought permission to accompany him. After some discussion and probing Hadhrat Rahmatullahi alayh honoured this sinful servant to accompany him. Hadhrat was very clear in his dealings: All my expenses would be borne by me.

Accordingly, this servant prepared to leave for Dehi. A final Salaam with Hadhrat was made. These Salaams when setting off on a journey were also just so special. The warmth of his soft hands, the sincere du’aa, sealed with “khuda Haafiz” (May Allah Protect you) had its own unique fragrance. The soft eyes filled with gratitude relaying recognition that you are now going on an errant on my behalf. And the Du’aas would not cease until we reached back safely. Salaah after salaah, the hands were raised pleading unto Allah to return us safely to Jalalabad from our journey.

So much needed to be done in so little time. Return tickets required to be booked with not much choice for departure dates, visa’s which normally would take up to a week were needed urgently, income tax clearance certificates were required. Armed with nothing more than Du’aas and effects of the Taqwa of the Saint of Jalalabad, did this servant rush of to the main road to look for a bus going to Delhi.

Bearing in mind the organized chaos prevalent in Delhi’s traffic and the close to primitive -tortoise speed services in the Government offices, could anyone ever imagine that all of the needs for the journey to Pakistan, tickets, visa’s and income tax clearance certificates and even a telegram notifying Hadhrat’s family in Pakistan of our imminent arrival, would be done before sunset.

(Insha Allah to be continued: The Karaamaat)