Ending off Innovations and Evil Customs

Ending off Innovations and Evil Customs

To use gold or silver utensils.

To wear thin or flimsy clothing, or to wear jingling and tinkling jewellery.

To wear short skirts.

To attend the gatherings of men, e.g. processions and fairs.

To adopt the dressing of the opposite sex.

To tatoo the body.

To practise witchcraft and cast spells.

To hang and suspend carpets from walls and ceilings merely for decoration and beautification.

To embrace and hug ghayr mahrams (those with whom hijaab is necessary) at the time of departing or returning from a journey.

To pierce the nose or ear of a male child as an omen for long life.

To make the male child wear a nose or ear ring, or silk, or saffron-dyed clothes, or any jewellery on the neck, feet or wrists.

To feed the children with opium (and other similar drugs) in order to keep them quiet.

To give someone the meat or milk of a lion because of some illness.

There are many other similar incorrect beliefs, customs, and innovations. These have been mentioned to serve as an example.