More about Innovations and Evil Customs

More about Innovations and Evil Customs

To go to extremes in praising someone.

To spend extravagantly in marriages and other senseless ceremonies.

To follow Hindu customs.

To make the bridegroom wear clothes which are contrary to the Shariah, to adorn him with garlands, to apply henna (mehendi) on him, to light fireworks and make unnecessary decorations.

To bring the bridegroom among the women and in front of them, or to peep at him.

To bring the mature (baaligh) sister-in-law (bride’s sister) in front of the bridegroom, to joke with her, or to hold “chauthi” (a ceremony on the fourth day of the marriage).

To go and listen to the conversation of the bride and bridegroom while they are in their privacy, to peep at them or to eavesdrop; and if you hear something, to tell it to others.

To make the bride attend the feast given by the bridegroom and to force her to sit there to the extent that even her salaat is missed.

To fix exorbitant mehr (dowry) out of pride and boastfulness.

To weep aloud out of sorrow, or to beat the face and chest, or to cry in a shouting manner.

To break the containers which were in use at the time of death, or to get the clothes washed which touched the body of the dead.

Not to prepare pickles, etc. in the house of mourning for about a year or so.

Not to celebrate any happy or joyous occasion.

To revive the sorrow or mourning on certain fixed dates.

To excessively occupy one’s self in make-up and self-beautification and to look down upon simplicity.

To hang pictures and photographs in the house.