1. It is permissible to eat the tripe of halaal animals. It is not haraam to do so, nor makruh.
  1. If a few small ants or worms die in anything, it will not be permissible to eat that thing without first removing those dead ants or worms. If one or two ants or worms go down the throat, one will get the sin of eating a dead animal. Some people eat wild figs together with the little worms that are found inside thinking that by eating these wild figs they will not be afflicted by evil eyes or evil gazes. This is haraam. They will get the sin of eating a dead animal.

  1. It is not permissible to purchase and eat meat that is sold by a non-Muslim even if he claims that he had it slaughtered by a Muslim. However, if the Muslim who slaughtered it remains in the presence of the non-Muslim all the time until all the meat is sold, it will be permissible to consume such meat. Alternatively, the person who slaughtered the meat could call another Muslim to keep watch over it until all the meat is sold. At no time should any Muslim absent himself from that meat.

A fowl or chicken that eats a lot of filthy things should be encaged for three days and only after that should it be slaughtered and eaten. It is makruh to eat such a fowl without encaging it for three days.