Concluding The Paying of Zakaat

13. It is permissible for a person to appoint someone else to give the zakaat on his behalf. If the person to whom the money has been given does not make the intention of zakaat at the time of giving the money to a poor person, the zakaat will still be fulfilled.

14. You gave a person R2 to be given to another person as zakaat. However, this person did not give the very same R2 which you had given to him. Instead, he gave another R2 which was in his personal possession and thought in his mind that he will take the R2 that you had given him. Even in this case the zakaat will be be fulfilled. However, this is on the condition that your R2 is in his possession and he is now taking your R2 in place of his R2. But if he spends your R2 first and thereafter gives his own R2 to a poor person, zakaat will not be fulfilled. Alternatively, he has your R2 in his possession, but at the time of giving his R2 he did not make the intention of taking your R2 later. Even in this case, zakaat will not be fulfilled. He will now have to give R2 in zakaat again.

15. If you did not give him any money but merely asked him to give some zakaat on your behalf and he does this for you, the zakaat will be fulfilled. He should now take whatever amount he had paid from you.


16. If a person pays some zakaat on your behalf without your asking him to do so or without your permission, the zakaat will not be fulfilled. Now, even if you agree or accept his payment on your behalf, it will not be permissible. He does not even have the right to collect or ask you for that money.

17. You have given a person R2 to be given on your behalf as zakaat. This person has the choice of giving it to a poor person himself or asking a third person to give it on his behalf. When giving it to this third person he does not have to mention your name that this zakaat must be given on behalf of so and so person. If that person gives the money to a relative of his, or to his parents if he finds them in need, this is also permissible. However, if the person who was asked to distribute the zakaat is poor himself; he cannot take this money for his personal use. But, at the time of giving the money to him, if you told him to do whatever he likes with the money and that he could give it to whomsoever he wishes, it will be permissible for him to keep it for his personal use.