Continuing on Saum – Fasting

  1. A person did not eat nor drink anything the entire day and remained hungry and thirsty from morning till evening. However, in his heart he did not have the intention of fasting but merely abstained from food due to a lack of hunger, or, for some reason or the other he did not get the opportunity of eating anything – in such a case his fast will not be valid. Had he made the intention of fasting in his heart, his fast would have become valid.
  2. According to the Shari’ah, the time of fasting commences from subah sâdiq. Therefore, as long as the subah sâdiq time does not expire, eating, drinking, etc. is permissible. Some women wake up early and after having a meal, they make the intention of fasting and sleep away thinking that once the intention is made, eating and drinking is not permissible. This is a gross error. As long as the subah sâdiq time does not expire, it is permissible to eat and drink. This is irrespective of whether the intention of fasting has been made or not.