Continuing The Paying of Zakaat

8. It is makruh to give one poor person an amount which makes the giving of zakaat wajib. However, if it is given, the zakaat will be fulfilled. It is permissible and not makruh to give an amount that is less than this.

9. A person comes to borrow some money and it is known that he is so poor and hard-pressed that he will be unable to fulfil this debt or that he is a very bad payer and never fulfils his debts. If the person gives him some zakaat money and also makes this intention in his heart that he is giving zakaat, then in such a case zakaat will be fulfilled despite the poor person regarding it as a debt.

10. If a poor person is given something as a gift, but in his heart the person has the intention of giving zakaat, even then zakaat will be fulfilled.


11. A poor person is owing you R10. You also have to pay zakaat for a sum of R10 or more. You forgave the poor person the R10 which he is owing you with the intention of it being zakaat. In such a case, zakaat will not be fulfilled. However, if you give him another R10 with the intention of zakaat, zakaat will be fulfilled. It will now be permissible to take this R10 from him as a fulfilment of his debt.

12. If a person has so much of silver in his possession that the zakaat on that silver amounts to 33 grams of silver and the market value of this 33 grams is two silver coins, then it is not permissible to give two silver coins in zakaat because these two coins do not weigh 33 grams. And if silver is paid in zakaat against silver goods, then the weight of the silver being paid is considered and not the price. However, in the aforementioned case, if gold, metal-base coins, clothing, etc. to the value of two silver coins is purchased and given as zakaat, or 33 grams of silver is paid as zakaat, then the zakaat will be fulfilled.