‘Muslims’ Visiting the Beach


Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “Hayaa is a branch of Imaan.”

Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “Hayaa is not found in a thing except that it beautifies it and shamelessness is not found in a thing except that it makes it ugly.”

Hayaa is an outstanding quality of a Muslim. It prevents him from doing Haraam actions. Thus, it is difficult to find a person with Hayaa at a Haraam venue. Generally, many ‘Muslims’ flock to the coastline during the holiday-season. Almost everyone treats this issue of visiting the beach during the festive period very lightly. They don’t regard it as sinful to be amongst half-naked and almost naked women. When ‘Muslims’ go for holidays, then it is not only the beach, but they visit many other Haraam places also and everything is considered to be permissible. The following sins take place when a ‘Muslim’ visits the beach:

  • The entire Hijaab/Purdah system is abandoned. There is no such a thing as Hijaab amongst semi-naked women. Anyone who thinks that he is observing the laws of Hijaab at the beach must be dreaming. There is simply no necessity to be at the beach. This is not a necessity of life. Hence, breaking the laws of Hijaab for the sake of playing in the waves is not permissible.
  • Intermingling of sexes which is absolutely Haraam. Men and women mingle for the sake of ‘fun’ in the water. Islam commands segregation of sexes. It is Haraam to associate, talk, chat or even greet a ghair-mahram.
  • Looking at the opposite gender. This is Haraam. Some people believe that they are very ‘pious’ when they are superficially ‘lowering’ their gazes amongst ‘naked’ women. Shaytaan has deceived them. Even the women stare at the men. It is shamelessness upon shamelessness.
  • Exposing the Satr. This is a major sin. It is sad that Muslims expose their knees, etc.
  • Shameless dressing. It is shameless for a Muslim man to expose his chest in public. This is the way of the Kuffaar and the Fussaaq.
  • The Haraam-Burkini. Whilst bikinis is the dressing of prostitutes, the ‘burkini’ is not far away. It also reveals the shape of a womans body. A woman who wears clothing which reveals the shape of her body is a cursed women. Most ‘Muslim’ women dress up in this manner, especially the ones that wear jeans and tops, tops-and-pants, three-quarter pants, etc.
  • Justifying all the Haraam with the argument of lowering the gazes. Most ‘Muslims’ have been deceived in this regard. It is Haraam to be there at the first place. When there are Kuffaar at the beach, then it is Haraam for Muslims to be there. Lowering the gazes is necessary at all times. But this is not a license for breaking the laws of Hijaab. This is not a license for ghair-mahram men and ghair-mahram women to be together in one room.
  • The presence of females. It is absolutely Haraam for Muslim women to go to the beach for a ‘walk’ or a ‘swim’. This is extremely shameless. Women are commanded to remain at home and not roam in public. It is not permissible for a women to expose herself to the vulgar gazes of men even if she is wearing a superficial ‘cloak’! When it is haraam for women to go to even the Musjid for Salaat, how can one even dream that it is permissible for them to go to the beach to frolic among the villains of immorality?
  • The Ni’mat of the eyes, ears, hands, feet, etc. is utilized in a Haraam way. Allah Ta’ala did not grant us all of these Ni’mats for breaking His laws of Hijaab, etc.


By: Jamiatul Ulama – Notrthern Cape