By Allaamah Ibnul Jauzi in Saidul Khaatir

In my opinion, for an Aalim there is nothing better for Izzat (self-respect), nobility, joy, comfort and peace than Khalwat (solitude). By virtue of this (solitude), he will enjoy safety of his body, his dignity and safety of his Deen in the Eyes of Allah and creation. The one who mixes much with people holds no respect in their eyes. Such a person has no honour in their eyes.

A Buzrug says that we used to mingle and joke with others. But when the masses took us as leaders, now in my opinion there remains no scope for that.

Hazrat Sufyaan Thauri (Rahmatullahi alaih) used to say: “Study Ilm, protect it and do not contaminate it with futile talk, otherwise hearts will become disinclined to it (Ilm).”

This is the Tahaffuz (Protection) of Ilm.

The reader should not think about the Ulama who frequent the Salaateen (rulers and governors). Khalwat (Solitude) is a great protector of an Aalim and Ilm. The loss accrued by those Ulama (who frequent the rulers) is more than what they gain by frequenting such people.

Sayyidul Fuqaha, Hazrat Sa’eed bin Musayyab (Rahmatullahi alaih) never used to go to the hukkaam (rulers). They would therefore be quiet about him. This is the way of a cautious person (i.e. he does not go to the rulers, because going to them harms one’s Deen).

Therefore, O Aalim, if you wish to gain pleasure and peace, then confine yourself to a corner of your home. Furthermore, be secluded from your family. You will experience a wonderful life. Stipulate a time to meet your family. Once they become aware of this, they will regulate time to meet you. In this manner you will also have the benefit of a beautiful social life.

There should be a room for your Khalwat (seclusion) in your home wherein you speak to your Kutub and join in the course of your thoughts. Abstain from meeting with people, especially the awaam (masses). Earn that much with which you will be spared from greed. For an Aalim this is the limit of pleasure in this dunya.

Someone asked Hazrat Abdullah bin Mubaarak (Rahmatullahi alaih): “Why don’t you sit with us?” He replied, “I sit in the gatherings of the Sahaabah and Taabi’een.” He alluded to studying the Kitaabs he wrote.

When an Aalim becomes independent of people, is fortunate to gain Khalwat and does things with understanding then he should involve himself in writing (kitaabs) for perfect pleasure.

And if such intellect is gained by which Ta’alluq Ma’Allah (Bond with Allah Ta’ala) gains progress and Munaajaat (Conversing with Allah Ta’ala) is established, then it is as if Jannat has been found before Maut.

We ask Allah Ta’ala for lofty courage which will take us to Kamaal (perfection), and we ask Allah Ta’ala for Taufeeq to do A’maal-e-Saalihah, for the travellers on the Road of Haqq are only a few.