The harms of miserliness and its cure

Many fard and wajib obligations and duties such as zakat, qurbani, helping a needy person, assisting one’s poor relatives, etc. are not fulfilled on account of miserliness and stinginess. When these are not fulfilled, one is actually committing a sin. This is the harm that is caused to one’s Dîn. A stingy person is regarded as despicable and useless in the eyes of everyone. This is the worldly harm. Is there anything worse than this?

One of the cures of this is that love for this world and love for wealth should be removed from the heart. Once this love has been removed, there is no way that miserliness can remain.


Another cure is that the person should impose on his nafs and give away that item which is beyond his needs. Although this will be difficult on the nafs, one should endeavour in this regard and try and bear this difficulty.

As long as traces of stinginess have not been uprooted from the heart, continue adopting the above measures