The Looming Threat of Shi’asm


The huge onslaught of Shia propaganda needs to be forcefully repelled. The Shia claim that their differences with the Muslim Sunni World are minor and that these differences should be viewed in the same light as the differences which are to be found in the four Madhaahib, is a hollow claim. The differences between the Shias and the Sunnis evolve around Aqaaid. Some of the shocking evil and blasphemous beliefs of the Shias are hereby recorded with the evidence. The hope is to convince those unfortunate souls who have been duped by the glib Shia propaganda. May Allah Ta’ala grant them the Taufeeq to revert to the correct Aqaa’id. Ameen

Since Shia preach Taqiya (concealing one’s true beliefs), it is hard to know what a specific Shiite individual truly believes in. The best way to identify a Shia is to observe his friends: If they are from the circle of Shia friends, be cautious. If they love Khomeini, be rest assured that one’s Imaan is in danger for Khomaini himself has lauded Mulla Baqir Majlisi who is the author of Biharul Anwaar in which the true Shia beliefs are expounded. Khomeini says in his book ‘Kashful Asrar’:

“Continue reading the Persian books written by Mulla Baqir Majlisi to the Persian speaking people so that you do not fall into the mischief of some kind of foolishness” Kashful Asrar, p. 121

Hereby follows some of the Shia beliefs which are to be found in Biharul Anwaar and other reliable Shia books. May Allah Ta’ala safeguard our Imaan. Ameen