She was also a kafir and she used to help the kuffar in their evil ways. When the time approached for Allah to send His punishment on the kuffar, He sent angels to inform Lut ‘alayhis salam. They said to him: “Leave your residence the following morning because the punishment of Allah is about to descend on this village. Take the believers with you and leave this village on this very night. No one should look back at this village.” Acting on the orders of Allah, Lut ‘alayhis salam left his village. This woman also joined them in order to save her life. When the time came for the punishment of this village, Allah caused stones to rain down on them and there was a great uproar. All the believers lowered their heads out of fear and continued on their way.

No one looked around. However, this woman, who had relatives among the kuffar and whose way of life was just like their’s, looked around to see what is happening to those people. The moment she turned around, a stone pelted her and she fell down dead.

Lesson: The story of this woman has been related in the Quran in a similar manner to that of Nuh’s ‘alayhis salam wife (whom we have mentioned previously). That is, despite her being the wife of a prophet, this did not help her in any way because she herself was not on the path of Deen. O women! Understand this well. It is only your eeman and your Deen that will be of any benefit to you. Some women spoil their Deen on account of their relatives by maintaining close contact with their irreligious relatives. Look at this woman! On account of her love for her relatives she was destroyed and she lost her life and eeman as well. Had she accepted eeman and abstained from looking back, she would have been saved from all calamities. Remember, you should not maintain any close contact with those who do not follow Allah and His Rasul sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam.