After searching for bodies of the Shuhada (martyrs) in one of the areas of Shaam, the Mujahideen came across the body of a 16-year-old boy who became shaheed. They found in his pocket a small notebook in which he used to write his sins during the week. If only we could call them “sins!”

Monday: I slept without wudhoo.

Tuesday: I laughed with a loud voice.

Wednesday: I prayed Qiyaam-al-Layl (Tahajjud salaah) fast.

Thursday: When we were playing I scored a goal and I felt pride.

Friday: I didnt complete 1000 durood on Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and only reached 700.

Saturday: One of the army generals made salaam first and beat me to it.

Sunday: I forgot the morning athkaar. (Zikr)

Subhanallah! Let every youngster think about how this brother prioritized his life. Sleeping without Wudhu, laughing aloud, reading Salaah fast, pride, not reciting Durood, not making sa-laam first and forgetting to make Thikr were viewed as “sins” by him. And we, who commit adultery and abandon Salaah and the Sunnah and remember and obey Shaytaan instead of Allah, feel no pangs of any form of remorse!