The Amaanah of life is an exhilarating experience to every human soul. Whereas the purpose of a non-Muslim is to squeeze and wring every drop of pleasure, fun, comfort and amusement from life; a Muslim, to the best of his ability uses every experience; nay every breath of his to draw closer to Allah Ta’aala.

A non-Muslim drinks himself drunk when he celebrates his prosperity and joy; a Muslim drinks from the Cup of Shukr thereby submitting his unworthy sinful self to Allah’s Love.

A non-Muslim drinks himself drunk when he is confronted with difficulty and adversity; a Muslim drinks from the Cup of Sabr thereby submitting to Allah’s Infinite Wisdom.

A non-Muslim depends on his plans and schemes to achieve his goals, a Muslim only makes the arrangements but depends on Allah Ta’aala.

In this manner, life for a Muslim is a continuous journey of discovering Allah Ta’aala. Hadhrat Mirza Jan Jana Rahmatullahi Alayh was a great saint. The Shia’s had threatened to assassinate him and their evil plan was about to be hatched. When the dawn broke, Hadhrat was weeping and crying not out of grief but out of sheer joy of anticipating meeting Allah Ta’aala!

That is how a Muslim lives; that is how a Muslim passes away!

The question arises as to how one reaches this stage? There can be a no more difficult trial than death. How is it at all possible for tears of joy to freely flow in the face of the “difficulty” called death? Is it possible for us to reach such a stage?