There was a poor man, his wife used to make butter and he used to sell it to a shopkeeper in the city. His wife would make the butter in a round shape that weighed a kilo, he would sell it to the shopkeeper and in exchange he would take his home necessities from the shop.
One day the shopkeeper doubted the weight of the butter so he decided to weigh each ball and found that they weighed 900g and became furious with the poor man. The following day when the poor man entered the shopkeeper’s place, the shopkeeper angrily addressed him saying “I will no longer buy from you, you sell me butter that’s supposed to be a kilo and it weighs 100g less than a kilo.”
At that moment the poor man was very upset, he lowered his head and said “sir we do not own a scale however I bought a kilo of sugar from your shop and used that as a guide to weigh the butter.”
Certainly know that – what you use to measure others with, will be used to measure you!