There are among people those who know Allah through His favors, blessings, and grace, others know Him through His forgiveness and mercy, others know Him through revenge and force, others know Him through knowledge and wisdom, pride and glory, mercy, piety, and kindness, overpowering and ownership, and through answering supplications, helping in grief, and fulfilling needs.

The highest among those in knowing Allah is the one who knows Him through His words; he knows the Lord has all the attributes of perfection and all the characteristics of glory, far above having a parallel, and free from any defects and faults. He has every good name and every perfect attribute, the doer of all that He intends, above all matters and accompanies every matter, capable of every matter and builds every matter, absolute master, speaks with His Divine words, greater than every matter and more beautiful than anything, the most merciful among those who show mercy, the most powerful among those who have power, and the most wise among those who have wisdom.

The Qur’an was revealed to inform His servants about Him, the Way that leads to Him, and the conditions of those who followed in His way after knowing Him.

Al Fawaaid – Ibn Al Qayyim