* Hadhrat Junaid said: “In this path there are numerous highway robbers spreading their traps – the trap of deception, the trap of Istidraaj, the trap of wrath, the trap of kindness, etc. There is no limit to the traps. There is a need for such a man who is able to differentiate in the plethora of these traps.”

* “All pathways are blocked except the Path of Muhammad (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). It is wide open. Walk on this Path.

Never follow one who is not on this Path. He does not follow the Qur’aan nor is he aware of the Hadith of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Knowledge is confined to the Kitaab of Allah and the Sunnah of the Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

* “There are four oceans between Allah Ta’ala and the servant. Until these four oceans have not been traversed, the goal by Allah will not be attained. (1) The world. The ship is Zuhd (Renunciation). (2) Man- its ship is for you to stay far from him. (3) Iblees – its ship is Bughdh (hatred for him). (4) Lust (nafsaani desires) – its ship is to oppose it.”

* “There is a difference between the deceptions and temptations of the nafs and shaitaan. The desire of the nafs is enduring. It remains and makes demands until it realizes gratification. Even if it temporarily subsides, it returns until it is satisfied. The temptation of shaitaan is warded off by reciting Walahoula… Shaitaan then flees”.

* “This Nafs-e-Ammaarah is a great commander of evil. It takes one to destruction, and it aids enemies. It befriends all evils and is subservient to lustful desires.”

* “Iblees did not attain Mushaahadah (Divine Perception) even during his state of obedience. On the other hand, Hadhrat Aadam (alayhis salaam) did not lose his Mushaahadah despite his error.”

* “A person is a human being by character, not by appearance.”

* The hearts of Allah’s Friends are the abodes of Divine Secrets. Allah Ta’ala does not reveal His secret to a heart which has befriended the dunya.”

* “Standing on the foundation of the nafs is the root of corruption.”

* “Being ghaafil (forgetful/oblivious) of Allah Ta’ala is worse than falling into the fire.”

* “Never does the nafs gain an affinity with Allah Ta’ala.”

* “Those who desire that their Deen remains safe, their bodies healthy and their hearts peaceful, tell them to stay away from people. Such a time has dawned when it is best to flee from people. An intelligent person is he who adopts seclusion.”

* “He whose knowledge has not reached yaqeen; whose yaqeen has not reached khauf; whose khauf has not reached amal; whose amal has not reached wara’; whose wara’ has not reached ikhlaas, and whose ikhlaas has not reached mushaadah, will be among those who will be destroyed.”

* “The entire world will not harm a man in whose heart there is no hirs (greed/avarice), and if there is even a grain of hirs in his heart, it will harm him.”

* “As far as possible ensure that the utensils in your home are of the earthenware type.” This is emphasis on observance of simplicity.

* “He whose life is dependent on breathing, his life ends when his soul departs from his body. He whose life is on Allah (i.e. Thikrullaah), he is transferred from one life to another, from the physical life to the actual life.”

* “The eye which does not derive lesson from the creation of Allah Ta’ala, it is better that it be blind. The tongue which is not engrossed in the remembrance of Allah, it is better for it to be dumb. The ear which is not always in expectation of listening to the truth, it is better for it to be deaf. The body which is not expended in the service of Allah Ta’ala, it is better that it be dead. When Allah Ta’ala intends goodness for a person, He guides him to the Sufis, and He keeps him away from the Qaaris.”

* Tasawwuf is engrossment with Allah Ta’ala and abstention from all other relationships.”

* The signs of the Fuqara are that they do not ask anyone for anything. They do not dispute with anyone. If someone disputes with them, they maintain silence.”

* Explaining the meaning of Tasawwuf, Hadhrat Junaid Baghdadi (Rahmatullah alayh) said: “Taswwwuf is to keep the heart clean from all expectations from people; abstaining from subservience to desire; killing the attributes of the nafs; cultivating the spiritual attributes; acquisition of true knowledge; to practise such deeds which will benefit until Qiyaamat; to admonish and advise all people of the Ummat, and to follow the Shariah of Muhammad (Salallahu alayhi wasallam).”

* “Sufis are a people whom besides Allah Ta’ala no one recognizes.”

* “The worst of evil acts is bukhl (stinginess) for a Sufi.”

* “Veils for the Auliya (i.e. veils of deprivation) are to look at Ibaadat (i.e. to regard one’s ibaadat to be significant); to look at thawaab, and to look at karaamat.” If the focus is on these, the Wali is diverted from the Maqsood. His worship should not be motivated by the desire for any gains, be it of the spiritual kind.

* “The heart of the Mu’min makes 70 rotations every second whereas the heart of the munaafiq does not rotate even once in 70 years.” The heart of the munaafiq is stagnant in its hypocrisy. It does not progress spiritually.

Source: “As Saadiqeen”