To perform wudhu before sleeping

To keep the miswak at the head side

To use the miswak upon awakening

To arrange water for wudhu prior to sleeping

To extinguish any fires and switch off unnecessary lights

To secure the house entrance

To apply Kuhl

To dust the bed thoroughly before sleeping

To sleep on the right side

To keep the right hand under the right cheek

To use a pillow

To use a leather pillow

To keep water for drinking readily available

To perform wudhu if one is in the state of major impurity

To have separate garments for sleeping

To sleep immediately after’Esha

To sleep for half or two-thirds of the night

To awaken at the first crowing of the cock or after a third of the night lapses

To perform Tahajjud Salah

To engage in Istighfar and zikr during the last-third of the night

To sleep on a bed or on a straw mat

To sleep on a date-palm mat

To sleep on a straw-mat without any mattress or bedding

To read the Sunnah supplications before sleeping

To recite a portion of the Qur’an

To recite Surah Mulk

To recite Surah Sajdah

To recite Tasbiih Fatimi

To engage in Istighfar before sleeping

To convey Salawat upon Rasulullah ^ before sleeping

To remain in zikr till one falls off to sleep

To engage in zikr when changing sides

To read the relevant supplications upon awakening

To visit the toilet immediately upon awakening

To switch places of sleep according to the demands of the season and to do so on a Thursday night [the night between Thursday and Friday].

Actions contradicting the Sunnah as far as sleeping is concerned

To lie or sleep on one’s stomach

To sleep immediately after meals

To wear such garments where there is fear of some part of the body being exposed to others

To sleep on the road or pathway

To sleep on a roof or high surface that has no restraining edge

To sleep with soiled hands

To sleep after Asar Salah

To sleep after Maghrib Salah

To engage in futile activity after Esha Salah

To sleep without having made arrangements for water [if necessary]

To sleep so late that one would feel tired upon awakening

To sleep so late that one misses the Fajr Salah with congregation

To sleep continuously till the time of Fajr without waking up for Tahajjud

To sleep between Fajr and sunrise

To sleep without reciting the relevant supplications or engaging in zikr

To sleep in luxurious beds.

To commence the day without reciting the du’a upon awakening