200 Statements of Hadhrat Maseehul Ummat Moulana Maseehullah Khan Sahib (RA)

51) In permissible worldly matters contentment should be dominant.
52) Be obsessed with Tableegh (propagation), Ta’leem (imparting knowledge), and Tadrees (academic teaching).
53) Rectification of the niyyat is necessary for the niyyat of rectification. (That is, in order to have an intention of islaah when stepping onto the . Path of Tasawwuf, it is incumbent that your initial intention be proper and correct. This results in sincerity of quest.)
54) In some people signs of perfection are noticed whilst they are still in the initial stages of Tasawwuf.
55) The perfection of tauba is necessary.
56) The reality of tauba is remorse.
57) Zikr of Allah should be made with an intention of gaining the Love of Allah.
58) Youth should reflect on the Wrath and Might of Allah Ta’ala. This will make fear for Allah Ta’aala predominant in their hearts, thus saving them from disobedience.)
59) The sick and weak should allow Hope in Allah to dominate their lives.
60) While staying in this world one should have a yearning for the hereafter.
Compiled by: Hadhrat Moulana Muhammad Farooq Sahib Rahimahullahu