200 Statements of Hadhrat Maseehul Ummat Moulana Maseehullah Khan Sahib (RA)

61) Only ask from Allah Ta’ala and seek help from Him alone.
62) Comtemplate over the (eventual) destruction of this world and you will be blessed with contentment (of the heart).
63) The need for sabr (patience) exists in every action.
64) To make shukr (show gratitude unto Allah for his ‘numerous favours) is faraz.
65) Through sabr shukr becomes easy.
66) Forebearance is acquired through contemplation.
67) Real sabr is to abstain from sin.
68) Real Shukr is not to regard oneself as deserving of any ni’mat.
69) Through shukr one remains protected (from pride, vanity, etc).
70) One who adopts shukr is always humble.
Compiled by: Hadhrat Moulana Muhammad Farooq Sahib Rahimahullahu