Permissibility of Girls Playing Soccer


I would like to enquire as to the ruling on the permissibility of girls playing soccer as a sport to keep fit. If they are properly attired (Abbaya, pants, scarf and underscarf) and playing in an area that no Ghair Mahrams can view them would it be permissible? Please could the ruling be supported by referenced hadeeth.

Jazakallah for your time


Assalamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Respected sister in Islam

Some time ago, a case was referred to us concerning a girl who from a young age played soccer.

At first it was just for “exercising”.

Gradually, Shaytaan involved the girl in soccer to such an extent, that she became an ardent supporter of a certain team.

Shaytaan influenced her further. She started wearing the colours of her team and became obsessed with the players – many of whom were non-Muslims. Her family at first found it amusing. She started cropping her hair in imitation of her favourite player.

By the time the family realized that she was hopelessly addicted, it was too late, for her brains were empty of all reasoning and all that was left was a soccer ball.

She got married but the marriage did not last.

Until now her passion in life is only soccer, soccer and soccer.  

Such an addictive game can never be permissible for even males let alone for a female.

Shaytaan seeks to dupe you by making you feel that it is a form of exercise. There are many other ways to exercise and be fit with out playing soccer.

May Allah Taáala guide us all. Ameen

Was salaam