Excessive Du’aa and The Du’aa of Haji Imdaadullah Rahmatullahi Alayh

The Blessed month of Ramadhaan begins as soon as the crescent is sighted. Allah Ta’aala instructs those angels who carry the throne to stop reciting the Tasbeeh of Subhaanallah, Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar, rather, start making Du’aa for those of my servants who are fasting on earth and say Aameen to their Du’aas. So in these days lengthen your Du’aas, when you lift your hands, keep them lifted (for a long time). Ask for as much as you can from the treasures of that Benevolent Being (Kareem), ask for Dunya and Aakhirah.

Ask him for the greatest treasure; O Allah, make us from among Your friends, so that when you are presented to Allah after death and questioned as to what you have brought, you may answer: I gained You (Allah) abroad (in the Dunya) and I have brought You to You.

Our spiritual great grandfather Haji Imdaadullah (Rahmatullaahi Alayh) would hold the cover of the Ka’bah and recite the following couplet:

Some ask for something and others ask for something else

O my Allah, I ask You from You

O Allah, the entire creation presents their needs to You and ask from You, but O Allah, I ask You from You, I do not have a greater need than this because the one who has attained Allah has received more than both worlds.

This is the couplet of Akhtar (Hadhrat):

When that King of both worlds enters someone’s heart

(The person) experiences more pleasure than both worlds

The value of Allah is more than both worlds. If a person acquires both worlds, will it be equivalent to the value of Allah? xSo the person who acquires Allah has acquired more than the pleasure of both worlds, nothing can be compared to Allah.

So ask from Allah excessively in this month, ask (make Du’aa) at least thrice a day and this is the minimum. Just as you go into Sajdah and cry and plead when you are afflicted with a sickness or calamity; O Allah make me better, improve my condition, in the same way, ask and plead from Allah in Ramadhaan.

My grandson repeatedly tells me: “Dada, give me a note” (money) then remains quiet for a while, while I am busy answering correspondence or involved in some work. After a while he will repeat his plea. He will repeat his plea after every short while and will not let me focus on my work. In the same way, continuously ask from Allah Ta’aala, Du’aa is accepted after it is being asked excessively and repeatedly.

Ask excessively in this month; for your reformation, to remove sadness, grief and concerns, and what is the greatest concern? It is that not even one breath be spent in the displeasure of Allah.

Listen carefully, it is necessary that all of you ask this Du’aa: O Allah, accept every breath of mine in your obedience and grant me the guidance to sacrifice every breath in Your obedience.

The second Du’aa is: O Allah, Do not let even my one breath be spent in Your disobedience. If we spend even one breath in Your disobedience, that moment is a moment void of blessings and it is a wretched moment.

What greater treasure can be achieved than a person who pleases his Lord at all times and does not displease his Lord for even a moment?

So in these days (of Ramadhaan), ask these Du’aas at the time of Sehri, wherever the Qur’aan is being completed, there too, and before Iftaar. When the tablecloth is laid and laden with Dahi Bara, chilli bites, savouries, drinks and other goodies, Allah is seeing that my servant is eyeing all the goodies, but is not even touching them. He waits for the words Allahu Akbar of the Athaan, i.e. the words of My greatness, and when the command of Allah is there, then only will he break his fast.

Regarding this obedience, Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi wa Sallam) gave glad tidings that Du’aa is accepted before Iftaar. So just prior to Iftaar, ask everything from Allah, and what do you ask for first? Ask for the greatest gift; O Allah, I ask You from You. If we receive You then we have received everything. Tell me, if a father is happy with a son, will he not try to please the son too? So when the Lord is pleased with someone, will He not please that servant?

If You (Allah) are mine then even the skies are mine, the earth is mine

And if You are not mine, then absolutely nothing is mine

The person who acquires Allah has acquired everything; Dunya and Aakhirah. Through the blessings of the name of Allah, he will be happy on straw mats. On the other hand, the person whom Allah is displeased with, although in the comfort of carpets and air conditioning, he will commit suicide, consume heroin and intoxicate himself.

So this is the Du’aa to make before Iftaar. Secondly, wherever a completion of Qur’aan takes place, make Du’aa there. Thirdly, make Du’aa in the middle of the night after eating Sehri. Wake up for Sehri, make Miswaak, wash and after eating Sehri make Wudhu and perform two Rakaats Salaah. What is so difficult in this? You have to wake up and you do not find it very difficult to wake up for Sehri because the stomach is telling you to give it something to fill it otherwise you will remain hungry, so for Sehri a person hastily wakes up. So now make Wudhu and perform a minimum of two Rakaats Tahajjud and ask from Allah. Also recite one section of Munaajaat Maqbool any time during the day.

Munaajaat Maqbool is a compilation of Du’aas taken from Qur’aan and Hadeeth by Hadhrat Thanwi. The book is divided into seven sections. To facilitate easy reading, one section is read per day, completing all the Du’aas therein every week.

Source: Ramadhaan the Month of Taqwa – Moulana Hakeem Akhtar Rahmatullahi Alayh