Hadhrat Abu Bakr’s (Radiallahu Anhu) Lecture Concerning Taqwa and Actions for the Aakhirah

Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Ukaym reports that Abu Bakr Radiallahu Anhu once delivered a lecture to them saying, “I emphatically advise you to adopt Taqwa, to praise Allaah as He deserves to be praised, to combine both hope and fear (of Allaah) and that you be persistent in begging from Allaah.

Allaah has praised Zakariyya Rahmatullahi Alayhi and his family when He says:

”Verily, they would hasten to perform good deeds and prayed to Us in anticipation (of Our mercy) and in fear (of Our punishment). They were truly humble before Us.” {Surah Arnbiyaa, verse 90)

0 servants of Allaah, you must know that Allaah has taken your souls as security against the rights you owe Him. He has also taken a pledge from you (to fulfil these rights) and has bought from you this temporary little (world) for what is eternal and much more.

This Book of Allaah that you have is such that its wonders will never cease and its light will never be extinguished. You must therefore believe its words, heed its advices and glean sight from it for the day of complete darkness. You have been created only for worshipping Allaah.

The honourable angel scribes (Karaaman Kaatibeen) have been appointed over you (to record your actions) and they are aware of the actions you do.

0 servants of Allaah! You must also know that you spend every morning and evening within a fixed lifespan that you have no knowledge of. Therefore, if you are able to be doing deeds that please Allaah when your lifespan comes to an end, you must do so. You will however be unable to do this without Allaah’s help. Compete in good deeds while your lifespans allow you grace and before they eventually terminate, causing you to return to the worst of your actions.

There have been people who have sacrificed their lives for others and forgotten about themselves. I want to stop you from being like them. Rush! Rush! Hasten to salvation! Hasten to salvation! (Do this) Because behind you is a speedy hunter, which is very quick.”