When the maut of Imaam Shaafi (rahmatullah alayh) was at hand, he said to his companions to instruct a certain man to give him ghusl, i.e. after his (Imaam Shaafi’s) death.  

After the demise of the great Imaam, the wasiyyat could not be fulfilled due to the mans absence.  

After some time, the person arrived and was informed of Imaam Shaafi’s last wish. Being a very intelligent man he asked to see Imaam Shaafi’s Last written will. When the will was produced the man saw that Imaam Shaafi had a debt of 70,000 dirhams (silver coins). He immediately paid the creditor and commented: “This   was Imaam Shaafis meaning that I should give him ghusl.”  

The intelligent man on being informed of Imaam Shaafi’s last wish understood that such a great Imaam would not make a futile wasiyyat because this friend lived in a faraway place. He knew that there must be some other meaning for the wasiyyat. When he saw the debt, he immediately understood that Imaam Shaafi wanted to be cleansed of this burden, hence he presented his wish in a coded form being convinced that his friend would understand it.