O Ka’bah, Why are you keeping us at Bay?

Why are you keeping us at Bay?



Praises belong to Allah, the One and Only worthy of worship

To Whom the Ka’bah belongs, and every house of worship

The Garden of Jannah, in which Sahaabah did worship

And such places that had hundreds of years of continuous worship


O Ka’bah, why are you keeping us a’bay?

O garden of Jannah, how have we gone astray?

What has made the two of you not allow us to pray?

Why are you so angry, pushing us away?!


For hundreds of years you enjoyed the tears of devotees

Your ground is in tears at the absence of devotees

But both of you tolerate such absence of devotees

What has upset you with today’s devotees?


Oh yes! I’ve just received your stern answer!

Where are those devotees that our call they answer?

There’s not many devotees whose Labbaik gets any answer!

Photography is their devotion, not to our call do they answer!


They do not know anything called respect

They bring to us musical ringtones with utter disrespect

Where have they learnt that photography is a part of Umrah’s aspect

We are tired of all this extreme disrespect!


O Muslims, we don’t need any of you anymore!

Get away and keep your distance, and see us no more!

Don’t bother to visit us, because you have made war!

By coming only to show others, please keep offshore!


Mufti Jeena

(Medinah Munawarrah)