Hardly a day goes by that Muslims are deliberately targeted by their enemies with no other aim accept to demoralise them. At times the propaganda of the enemy seeks to convince Muslims that they are inferior to the rest of humanity. At times the very basis of their Deen is mocked. At times their weaknesses are flaunted by the enemy.

Once a person came to Moulana Maseehullah Rahmatullahi alayh and complained about the suffering instigated by enemies of the Muslims during a riot.

Hadhrat replied: “Let them carry on. Aakhir kab tak (until when will they continue).”

In the Aakhirah there is a place called Jahannam. In Suraah Rahmaan, Allah Ta’ala after explaining the horrors of Jahannam, addresses the Muslims and says:

“Which of the blessings of your Lord will you deny?”

When Muslims hear about the torture of their womenfolk such as their Pakistani sister Aafiyah or the barbarous treatment of their Palestinian brothers,  they should console themselves with the fact the Jahannam eagerly awaits the arrival of the oppressors.

Hereby follows a brief description of Jahannam.

The Gates of Hell

“The unbelievers will be led to Hell in crowds until, when they arrive there, its gates will be Opened..” [az-Zumar, 39: 71]

“And verily, Hell is the promised abode for them all. It has seven gates: to each of those gates is a specific class of sinners assigned.” [al Hijr, 15: 43-44]

“To them will be said, ‘Enter you the gates of Hell to dwell therein. And how evil is this abode of the arrogant.’” [az Zumar, 39: 72]

“But those who reject Our signs are the companions of the left hand – on them will be fire vaulted over.” [al Balad, 90: 19-20]

In Arabic, the phrase “on them will be fire vaulted over” indicates that the gates of Hell will be closed. In other words, the Fire will encompass the companions of the Fire, and the gates of Hell will imprison them within. Furthermore, the gates of Hell will be locked, vaulted all around, and outstretched columns will cover the doors.

“It is the fire of Allah, kindled to a blaze, which mounts right to the hearts. It will be a vault over them in outstretched columns.” [al Humazah,

104: 6-9]

Jahannam: A Place for the proud and the haughty

Abu Hurairah (radiAllahu anhu) narrated that Allah’s Messenger (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) said: ‘When the month of Ramadan begins and the gates of

Heaven are opened, the gates of Hell are closed, and the devils are chained.” [Sahih al-Bukhari]

Abu Hurairah (radiAllahu anhu) reported that Allah’s Messenger (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) said: “Hell and Paradise fell into a dispute during which Hell said, ‘I have been distinguished by the proud and the haughty.’ And Paradise said, ‘What is the matter with me that only the meek and the humble and the downtrodden and the simple enter me?’ Thereupon, Allah said to Paradise, ‘You are the means of My mercy whereby I show mercy to those of My servants whom I wish.’ Then HE said to Hell, ‘You are the means of punishment whereby I punish those of My servants whom I wish. Both of you will be full.’ Hell will not be filled up until Allah puts His foot over it. Then Hell will say, ‘Enough, enough, enough,’ at which point it will be filled up, all of its parts integrated together.” [Muslim]

Anas bin Malik (radiAllahu anhu) reported that Allah’s Messenger (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) said: “Hell will continue to ask, ‘Is there anything more?’ until Allah, the Exalted, and High will place His foot thereon, Then it will say, ‘Enough, enough, by Your honor,’ and some of its parts will draw close together.’” [Muslim]

The Fuel of Hell-Fire

“Those who have disbelieved – their wealth and their children will never benefit them anything by Allah. And those are the ones who are the fuel of Hellfire.” [Ale-Imran, 3: 10]

“And there are among us Muslims (in submission to Allah) and others who deviate from justice. And whoever accepts Islam has sought out the right path. As for those who deviate, they will be firewood for the Hellfire.” [Al-Jinn, 72: 14-15]

The Stones of Jahannam

“But if you cannot – and of a surety you cannot – then fear the fire whose fuel is men and stones, which is prepared for those who reject faith.” [Al Baqarah, 2: 24]

“O you who believe, save yourselves and your families from a fire whose fuel is men and stones, over which are appointed angels, stern and severe, who do not disobey Allah in what He orders them and who do precisely what they are commanded.” [Al-Tahreem, 66: 6]

The Intensity of it’s Fire

Abu Hurairah (radiallahu anhu) narrated: “When Allah’s Messenger (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said, ‘Your ordinary fire is one of the 70 portions of the Hellfire,’ someone commented, ‘O Messenger of Allah, would it (ordinary fire) not be sufficient (to burn the wrongdoers)?’ At that, Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said, ‘The Hellfire has 69 more portions than ordinary (worldly) fire, and all of them are as hot as this (worldly fire).’” [Sahih al-Bukhari]

“Verily, Allah has cursed the disbelievers and prepared for them a Blazing Fire. Dwelling therein forever, and they will find no protector or helper. [Al-Ahzab, 33: 64-65]

“But he who is given his record behind his back will soon cry for destruction, and he will enter a blazing Fire.” [Al Inshiqaq, 84: 10-12]

“No, they deny the Hour (of the judgment to come), but We have prepared a blazing fire for those who deny the Hour. When it sees them from a far off place, they will hear its fury and its raging. And when they are cast, bound, in chains, into constricted place therein, they will plead therein for destruction. Do not plead today for a single destruction; plead for destruction oft-repeated.” [Al-Furqan, 25: 11-14]

“The companions of the left hand – what are the companions of the left hand?

(They will be) in the midst of a fierce blast (of fire) and in boiling water.” [Al Waqi’ah, 56: 41-42]

“But, he whose scales are light his home will be a pit. And what will make you understand what that is? (It is) a fire, blazing fiercely.” [Al Qari’ah, 101: 8-11]