Meddling with the Shariah – In Response to the Call of Discarding Some Masaail of Deen

Meddling with the Shariah-
In Response to the call of Discarding Some Massail of Deen

Islam is the Sacrosanct and Immutable Shariah of Allah Ta’ala. The Divine Code of the Shariah was revealed over fourteen hundred years ago for the eternal prosperity of entire mankind. The Laws of this Deen were not man-made ordinances designed to placate a certain community or to favour a certain race or tribe whilst discriminating against another. In His infinite wisdom Allah Azza Wa Jall declared the laws and injunctions of His Sacred System for the Believers. He is Al-Hakeem – The All-Wise. How can it ever be entertained that any of the Divine Laws of the Shariah lack wisdom and discriminate against certain races and sects?  As Muslims we should not suffer from an inferior complex and seek to introduce the practices of the kuffaar and of other religions into our Deen. Allah Ta’ala states with emphasis: “Whoever seeks a Deen other than Islam, it will never be accepted from him and he will be a loser in the Aakhirat.” Seeking to change even a single explicit law of Islam is tantamount to seeking the change of Islam.

Today the desire of the modernists and those enamoured by the customs and cults of aliens is to change the Law of Kufu/Kafa’ah. Tomorrow it will be their desire to have the Law of the male inheriting double the amount of a female expunged from the Shariah. Then their satanic desire – being goaded all along by Shaitaan in his nefarious scheme of interpolating this Deen of Islam – will be to have a parliamentary or senate style government and vote for a Non-Quraishi as the Khalifah. But these interpolations in the Deen are doomed to fail as Allah Ta’ala has Himself taken the responsibility to protect the Divine Shariah – the Final and Immutable Shariah of Islam – safeguarded from the wild and base desires of the modernists.

Ignorance of the teachings and system of operation of the Deen lead to the juhhaal (ignoramuses) arguing for the western corrupted interpretation of equality and non-discrimination. People who are not even aware of the basic rules of purifying themselves in the lavatory clamour for what they – Na’uthubillah – perceive as partiality and discrimination in certain laws of Islam. These are the munaafiqoon masquerading as Muslims who from time to time call for the abrogation of this tenet of Islam and that tenet of the Deen. The Ulama-e-Haq in all ages have resolutely defended the Pure Shariah from the whims and fancies of these munaafiqoon who wish to see the Shariah of Islam battered beyond recognition just as the Shariahs of Nabi Moosa and Nabi Iesa (Alaihimas Salaam) were battered beyond recognition and hardly a semblance of the Revealed Shariah of those Ummahs exist today. But in so far as the Shariah of Islam is concerned Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “This Ilm (of the Shariah) will be borne by the righteous of every successive generation. They (the Ulama-e-Haq) will drive away from it (i.e. from the Shariah) the interpolations of the deviates, the falsehood of the false-mongers and the interpretation of the ignoramuses.”

Muslims of today who are schooled by their western masters to think and act as their western masters dictate are prone to fall victim of scepticism and even outright rejection of the Teachings of Islam because of their indoctrination in western kuffaar values. Since they do not understand the Deen of Allah Ta’ala and have not practised according the Shariah of Islam they are therefore perennially trapped in doubt and denial of the Sacred Teachings of Islam. Whenever they are faced with a problem they wish to strike off a teaching of the Deen thinking that deleting a certain ruling of the Shariah will be salubrious to their worldly existence. This is a sure sign of Qiyaamah as prophesied by Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam).

In fact, they desire to release themselves from the Divine Shariah and out rightly reject Islam due to their thinking having been colonized by western kuffaar persuasion and education. They, however, fear the murtad epithet that will hang around their necks and the backlash from their Muslim family and friends. Subtly they, therefore, target their disenchantment to the Teachings of Islam. They therefore express their dissatisfaction at the Masaail of the Deen and call on the Ulama to abrogate this and that mas-alah.

People are not entering the fold of Islam only in these times. In all ages people entered the fold of Islam. We believe that the protest against certain Masaail being discriminatory is unjustified. A Law of Islam cannot be repealed on the basis of discontentment by some on chat sites and social networking sites.

Their ranting on social websites will not avail them and put their misery and predicament to rest. They have to incumbently turn to reliable Ulama and Scholars of the Deen. If they are sincere, solutions will be provided for each individual situation.

Secondly, these people hardly make Du’aa and turn to their Creator, Allah Ta’ala in earnest. Instead of beseeching Allah Ta’ala Who knows fully what is best for them they complain on the web. On the basis of those enamoured by western values an ordinance of the Shariah cannot be assailed and abrogated. Let those who are in predicaments in marriage explain their positions to the Upholders of the Shariah. Verily Allah Ta’ala creates a way out for the Muttaqeen. He declares so in His Glorious Qur’aan. This is our Imaan; our Belief. And peace be upon those who follow the guidance of Islam.