I am Still looking for My Shoes

I am still looking for my shoes
A man invited his friends for meals. After laying out the dastarkhan
(tablecloth), he sent his servant to buy dhai (sour milk). As the
servant left, the master began to calculate his movements:
“He has now left, he is putting on his shoes, and he is now entering
the first gully and now the second. There is no dhai available and the
shopkeeper has asked him to try another shop. He has now gone to
the second shop. He has left the shop, entered the second gully and
now the first gully and he is now at the door.” He shouted out for his
attendant who replied, “Yes, my master.” The master then asked,
“Have you brought the dhai?” He replied, “Yes, I have brought it.”
His calculations were accurate.

Another friend invited the same group for meals. After laying the
dastarkhan, he asked his friends not to begin eating because he sent
his servant to buy dhai. This time he also began to calculate the
movements of his attendant until he returned home. He shouted for
his attendant. He replied, “Yes master.” He asked, “Have you
brought the dhai?” The attendant replied, “No, I am still looking for
my shoes.”

Imagine; the master had covered the entire distance whilst the
attendant was still looking for his shoes. In short, it is the habit of
some people to imitate any strange thing they see, whereas, they do
not make an effort to understand the reality of the matter.