Moulana As`Adullah Sahib’s رحمة الله عليه debate with Dharam Bhakhshu

Moulana As`Adullah Sahib’s رحمة الله عليه  debate with

Dharam Bhakhshu


Moulana As`adullah Sahib رحمة الله عليه once had a debate with Dharam

Bhakhshu. Moulana was making objections and he was answering

each objection. For every question that Moulana posed, he gave an

answer. He then began giving ilzaami answers (counter-attacking

answers) by saying, “In your religion there is this and that.” Moulana

said to him, “You have no right to give ilzaami answers. This

discussion is set up to examine your religion. We are asking

questions and you are meant to answer them in the light of your

religion. You cannot ask anything regarding Islam in this discussion.

When we have a discussion on Islam, you may then forward your



He then asked, “And when are you going to have this discussion?”

Moulana replied, “Just now. After we defeat you we will have this

discussion.” In a few minutes time, Moulana رحمة الله عليه defeated him

and said, “Now we are going to have another discussion on Islam.

Any person wishing to make an objection may forward them and we

will answer them all. Thus, Dharam began his questioning.”


Dharam: How many skies are there?

Moulana: Nine

Dharam: What is beneath the ninth sky?

Moulana: The eighth sky.

Dharam: What is beneath that?

Moulana: The seventh sky.

Dharam: And what is beneath that?

Moulana: The sixth sky and beneath that is the fifth and then the

fourth and then the third and then the second and then the first.

Dharam: And what is beneath that?

Moulana: The region of fire, the region of Zamhareer, the region of

water, the region of wind. Thereafter comes the first earth, then the

second earth, then the third.


He continued asking in this manner that, “What is under this and

what is under that?” Eventually, Moulana رحمة الله عليه mentioned, “And

then comes you and below you is your mother!”


On hearing this,Dharam said, “I confess that you are victorious and I am a loser.”

The topic of discussion was the truth of Islam and he began asking

questions about the skies, etc. It was for this reason that Hadhrat

Moulana رحمة الله عليه gave such an answer. In such debates, one is

compelled to furnish such answers, since academic proofs will be of

no benefit.

Malfoozaat of Faqeeh-ul-Ummat