THE CALAMITY of humiliation which the Ummah is suffering in the wake of kuffaar domination is the chastisement of Allah Ta’ala which we have invited, and still are inviting with our reckless and drunken stupor of gross disobedience, transgression and immorality.

The abandonment of the Shariah and the Sunnah has made this Ummah a rudderless shipwreck tossing violently and sinking to its destruction. Torn from our Imaani bearings, Muslims are now believing that respect, honour and success on earth are inextricably interwoven with the Way of the West. Believing that the political power and domination of the West are the consequences of their technology and immoral culture depicted as ‘enlightenment’, Muslims are drunkenly aping every cultural norm of obscenity and stupidity of their western masters. In every sphere of life, the rabid disease of kuffaar emulation has entered into every vein of Muslims, hideously contorting their thinking, and inducing them to believe that it is honourable to follow the Yahood and Nasara into “the lizard’s hole’ (Rasulullah’s description of Muslim emulation of the kuffaar).


Predicting this attitude of morbid kuffaar-emulation by Muslims, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Soon will there be nations in my Ummah who will be gripped by these (evil) lusts just as the disease of rabies penetrates every vein and joint.” The idea that honour is in crass and stupid aping of the West in every facet of life has acquired ‘religious’ significance in the fossilized brains of the so-called ‘Muslim intelligentsia’. Condemning this insane craving for honour from the kuffaar, the Qur’aan Majeed says:


“..Verily, for them is the painful punishment. They are those who take the kaafireen as friends besides the Mu’mineen. What! Do they search for honour by them?

Verily, all honour belongs to Allah.” (Aayat 139, An-Nisaa’)


They hopelessly fail to understand that despite their total embrace of westernism, their fate of humiliation and slavery is incremental. There is no dearth among Muslims of the material instruments of technology which have propelled the kuffaar to the political stage of dominance. Muslims have long ago plunged headlong in ‘baboonic’ emulation of the western kuffaar. Every facet of kuffaar life is vigorously emulated. Every norm and culture of the West has been incorporated into the daily life of Muslims.

There is no shortage of kuffaar universities and institutions imparting secular education to the Ummah. Muslims are diligently pursuing western technology. There is no lack of military hardware in the Muslim countries. The biggest arms deal in history has been concluded between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. There is no shortage of wealth in the Ummah. Despite the total emulation of the West, this Ummah recedes further into the abyss of disgrace and serfdom. Whatever the zanaadiqah (the ‘enlightened’ heretics in the Ummah) are demanding in the sphere of aping the West, is fully available to Muslims, and they are doing just that. But, the humiliation continues unabated.


All the crank reformers with all their stupid solutions fail to put a brake to the downward slide of the Ummah into disgrace and destruction. Every Muslim country is ruled by modernists, zanadiqah and kuffaar in Muslim guise who are implementing every demand of westernism, yet, the impotency of the Ummah increases. The lands of Islam are not governed by primitive Molvis of the Camel Age. Modernists, secularists, downright atheists, fussaaq and fujjaar bereft of any Islamic hue and attitude, are at the helm of all affairs in Muslim lands. In fact, even the Musaajid are in the control of these morons. All the plans of ‘progress’, ‘enlightened’ democracy and capitalism disgorged into their mouths by the U.S. and the West have not brought succour to the Ummah. Dwelling in total mental subjection, Muslims continue to submissively lick up the najaasat-e-ghaleezah which their western masters excrete into their mouths. Their hearts and brains are incorrigibly corrupted by all the rijs (filth) of the kuffaar which they lap up like mad dogs with relish. But the tide of humiliation and impotency does not change.


The condition of the Ummah at all levels in all spheres of life, even in the Madaaris and the Khaanqahs, is dismal and deplorable. The disease of westernization has disfigured the brains of even the Ulama and the ‘spiritual guides’ in charge of the khaanqahs. The Ummah is grounded in the quagmire of intellectual, moral and spiritual decadence. There remains no affinity between the Ummah of this era and the Sahaabah of the noble Camel Age who had raised aloft the Standard of Islam, and planted the Flag of Tauheed on the hilltops of the world. This Ummah is afflicted with some debilitating disease which has incapacitated it in every field of material, moral and spiritual life. The Ummah is rotten to the core. This disease has brought the Ummah crashing from its former honourable pinnacle of grandeur and glory to its present state of degeneration.

Muslims remain dumb and stupid, unable to understand the cause and the disease for their humiliation. They fail to understand that their formed elevated status of  honour and glory was structured on the foundations of  morality and spirituality, not on  materialism or on mundane progress.

The spirituality and morality which constituted the springboard from which the Ummah took off its flight of glory, was the Rope of Allah –that Hablullaah about which the Qur’aan states: “And hold on firmly all of you to the Rope of Allah, and do not split up.” The foundation is the Shariah of Islam –the Deen. It is not stupid conferences, conventions and ludicrous talk shops, all moronic paraphernalia of the western kuffaar.


Without clinging to Hablullah in the way the  Personalities of the Camel Age had clung, there will never be  success, prosperity and victory for Muslims.


Source – Awake 2013