* Consuming Mushtabah (Doubtful) and haraam wealth has

become dominant over the Ulama in this age. They are drowned in

satisfying their stomachs and giving vent to lust/carnality. They

have made their knowledge a net with which they hunt the world.”

(Abdullah Ibn Mubaarak – Rahmatullah alayh)


* “If corruption did not overwhelm the Ulama, they would have

been the noblest of mankind. But they have made Ilm (Deeni

Knowledge) a means of livelihood. They have therefore become

contemptible on earth and in the heavens.

(Fudhail Bin Iyaadh – Rahmatullah alayh)


* “If a man has acquired all Knowledge and engrosses himself in

ibaadat to the extent that he becomes as thin as a rake, but he does

not scrutinize whether the food ingested into his stomach is halaal

or haraam, then his ibaadat is unacceptable to Allah Ta’ala.”

(Hasan Basri – Rahmatullah alayh)


* “If despite being the Bearer of the Qur’aan, a man inclines

towards the world, then he has made a mockery of the aayaat of

Allah Ta’ala.”

(Abdullah Ibn Mubaarak