The Little Devils….

The Little Devils….

Hadhrat Umar (R.A) has said that the children of Shaitaan are many from which nine are prominent : Zaleetoon, Watheen, Laqoos, Ra’waan, Haffaaf, Murrah, Mussawwit, Daasim, Walhaan. Each of their occupations and methods of leading people astray are different.

1) Zaleetoon’s occupation is to sit in the streets and at shops with his fellow companions, spreading mischief and evil, leading Allah’s people astray so that in the hereafter they may be used as fuel for the fire of hell.

2) Watheen’s work is to influence people in such a way that his own actions lead him to calamities, thus, driving him away from the Lord.

3) Laqoos’ task is to make the actions of fire-worshippers appear more decorative and to prevent them from discontinuing this form of worship, so that due to fire worshipping they themselves will become the prey of the fire of hell.

4) Ra’waan’s victims are people who possess power and money. His aim is to induce them towards insolence and evil so that they make decisions without consulting Allah’s guidance. Thus, in this way they themselves will fulfill Ra’awaan’s needs and accomplish his tasks, whilst this cursed sits back calmly. This reality can be witnessed today in the world where decisions are made merely by strength and leadership.

5) Haffaaf has been allocated the job of creating mischief by tempting people towards the drinking of wine and spirits.

6) Murrah’s responsibility is to attract people towards musical instruments due to which they will become negligent of their compulsions of life,and that no-one is saved from this wicked sin is his constant worry.

7) Al-Mussawit spread’s false and dangerous rumours amongst people which creates arguments and evil.

8) Daasim enters homes especially when the head of the house enters without uttering salaam and remembering the Almighty.He causes conflict between man, his wife and the family. On occasions it leads to violence and divorce between a couple.

9) Walhaan’s duty is to distract man when carrying out ablution and wavers his intent when performing salaah, consequently corrupting salaah.

Making Sense of Common Sense:
“If you feel lazy about carrying out an act of obedience, challenge laziness and carry it out; And if you have an urge for sin, challenge the urge and stay away from that sin. One who can do this doesn’t need to anything extra because this very act of wisdom helps establish communion with Allah, and this person is Allah Tala’s Guard on duty and this person is Allah Tala’s Promoter.” -Hazrat Hakeem ul Ummah

Darul-Uloom, Holcombe, Bury, U.K.