” SELFIE” Checklist of Sins

Sayyiduna Umar Ibn Khattab’s (R.A) advices to his army:

When Umar bin Al-Khattab (RA) despatched the army of Saad bin Abi Waqqas (RA) to the Battle of Al-Qadisiyyah, he advised him: “Fear your sins more than you fear the enemy, as your sins are more dangerous to you than your enemy. We Muslims are only victorious over our enemy because their sins outnumber ours, not for any other reason. If our sins were equal to those of our enemy, then they would defeat you due to their superior numbers and resources.”

With every year that passes by, it seems as though Islamic knowledge is diminishing with the loss of pious scholars. As a result, the common Muslim makes poor Islamic choices; decisions that seem trivial to him/her, but are grave in the sight of Allah.

Below is a “Selfie” checklist for you to Judge yourself with sincerity and InshaAllah make sincere intention to try to Stop/Improve,Rectify ones self

No. Do I commit or have these within myself  



1. Shirk & Kufr
2. Back Biting
3. Boasting
4. Zulm (oppression)
5. Disrespecting elders
6. No Mercy on young
7. Gambling
8. Zinaa
9. Liquor
10. Interest
11. Smoking
12. Killing
13. T.V.
14. Cinema
15. Engrossing in futile activities
16. Not Fulfilling rights
17. Disobedience to Sunnah
18. Breaking promises
19. Forgetting Hifz
20. Giving false evidence
21. Wastage
22. Not replying to a sneeze
23. Wasting Time
24. Wasting Ni’mats
25. Bid’ah
26. Shaving
27. Not replying to Salaam
28. Photography
29. Associating with females
30. Idle sports
31. Belittling the Sunnah
32. Disrespecting the Athaan
33. Abusing Trust
34. Slandering
35. Not fulfilling rights of husband
36. Eating Mushtabah (doubtful)
37. Stealing
38. Exaggerating
39. Mocking at Deen
40. Disobedience to parents
41. Cut of ties
42. Trousers below ankles (for men)
43. Belittling someone
44. Not observing Faraa-idh of Deen
45. Riyaa (showing of)
46. Hasad (jealousy)
47. Darogh (falsehood)
48. Ghaflat (carelessness)
49. Hubb-e-Jahh (love for name and fame)
50. Bugl (stinginess)
51. Ghussah (anger)
52. Takabbur (pride)
53. Ujub (vanity)
54. Hubb-e-Dunyaa (love for the world)
55. Tama’ (desire)
56. Hirs (greed)