Moulana Waarith رحمة الله عليه and the Sadhu

Moulana Waarith رحمة الله عليه and the Sadhu


There was a saadhu in Banaras by the name of Murtaadh. He

remained in solitude for 359 days of the year. He was ‘liberated’

from the daily needs experienced by man and he used to sit in one

position only. Once a year, he emerged from his ‘abode’ and people

flocked from far and wide just to get a glimpse of him. Hadhrat

Shah Waarith Hasan رحمة الله عليه heard that this saadhu was to emerge

from his ‘abode’ on a particular date. Thus, he decided to go and see



When the saadhu emerged, he was black as coal and his condition

was that of bones held together by skin. He had no meat on his

body. His eyebrows were long and sagging. When Hadhrat Shah

Waarith رحمة الله عليه came near, the saadhu’s body became like a mirror

and the reflection of everything could be seen in him. Hadhrat Shah

Waarith رحمة الله عليه was alarmed (as his spiritual state was disturbed)

and immediately made tasawwur of (focused his thoughts towards)

Hadhrat Gangohi رحمة الله عليه . When he had done this, the saadhu’s body

returned to its normal state. The saadhu raised his eyebrows and

asked: “Who is your spiritual mentor?”

“Moulana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi رحمة الله عليه ,” was the firm reply

from Moulana Shah Waarith .رحمة الله عليه

The saadhu said: “I see a musjid. Behind the musjid is a courtyard.

A wild fig tree is growing therein. There is also a three-door room in

the courtyard. Under the fig tree is a bed. Your mentor is lying

down on that bed. Your mentor has great spiritual strength.”

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Question: Is it possible for disbelievers to perform these miracles?


Answer: Those aspects of deen which are accepted by Allah Ta`ala

cannot exist with kufr, but those things which are related purely to

spiritual exercises, can exist with kufr. Daily, the lives of many

people are saved through operations performed by kaafir doctors.

This is not something bestowed due to acceptance. It is a thing

earned through effort.

Whoever makes effort in a certain profession, will certainly

succeed in it. Shaitaan can perform many miraculous feats despite

being a kaafir. His kufr is established in the Qur’aan,

 “He was proud and is from among the disbelievers.” (Baqarah: 34)

 “Indeed the devils whisper to their friends.” (al-An`aam: 121)

To believe such occurrences to be signs of acceptance is a