Excellence of a Muslim Woman

Excellence of a Muslim Woman

A Muslimah’s excellence is described in the Quraan and ahaadeeth.

The Quraan states:

“And remain within your homes and do not emerge like in times of

jaahiliyah (ignorance)”

The ahaadeeth also inform us of what additionally constitutes

excellence in a Muslim woman:

  • When her husband looks at her, she pleases him.
  • When he commands her then she obeys him.
  • She safeguards his honour (herself) and his wealth when he is away.


The first and foremost requirement of a Muslim woman to

successfully accomplish these is that her mindset must be correct.

Instilling this mindset is the responsibility of the parents; more so

the mother. Bringing about the sunnah of ta’leem (deeni education)

daily in the home is essential to achieve this.

To be pleasing to her husband, the Muslim wife needs to know

what makes her husband happy. Thereafter, she needs to be able to

do these things. For instance, everybody enjoys a well cooked meal.

So, a Muslim wife needs to know how to prepare good food. She

must also familiarise herself with the preferences of her husband.

While food has specifically been mentioned, pleasing the

husband is not only confined to this. It covers all aspects.

Stepping Stones to Reformation


In order to be obedient to her husband, the Muslim wife needs

to have humility. This is a natural trait of women. However, the

culture of the western education system corrupts this natural trait

and instils the opposite.

Finally, the chaste and trustworthy Muslim wife will find no

difficulty in achieving the third characteristic


Stepping Stones to Reformation

Madrasah Ta’leemuddeen