The Power of Wudhu

The Power of Wudhu

“Wudhu is the weapon of a believer”

There was once a king who was jealous of the fame of a pious person. The king sent a few spies to observe the pious person. Whilst the spies were sitting in the company of the pious person, someone informed him of the animosity of the king. Upon hearing this, the pious person exclaimed: “It seems as if the king wishes to confront me. I’d better get my weapons ready.”

Thereafter, the pious person called his servant and instructed him to bring a container of water. The spies were observing with great interest what weapons the pious person possessed.

The pious person faced the Qiblah and whispered a few words. He commenced making Wudhu and paid great attention to every Fardh, Sunnah and Mustahab act. He recited every Du’aa whilst performing Wudhu. He made Miswaak with full concentration and rubbed the relevant limbs vigorously. The eye-wells and the eyebrows, the elbows and the ankles were all washed thoroughly. No water was wasted, no idle talk was conducted. It was a Wudhu which mesmerized everyone, including the spies. It was a Wudhu which dripped with humility. It was a Wudhu which was filled with Yaqeen.

After concluding the Wudhu the pious person looked at the skies and recited his Shahaadah. Thereafter the pious person called for a Musalla and with great concentration, performed two Rak’aats Salaatul-Wudhu. He thereafter made Du’aa and again looked at the skies. People followed his gaze intently but saw nothing. The pious person sat down calmly.

The spies silently slipped away and rushed to the king. Gasping for breath, they informed the king that the pious person had prepared his weapons. What the weapons were they knew not. However, they were convinced that he had summoned some Jinn from the skies. The poor spies were perspiring with fear and panic. They informed the king that there was no way in which he (the king) could be victorious.

The king listened in astonishment. He became restless. Panic and fear gripped his heart. He suddenly smiled and informed his minister: “Tell the pious person there appears to be a misunderstanding. I am honoured to have a personality like him residing in my kingdom. Take some gifts for him.” The minister rushed off and narrated this to the pious person, who nonchalantly exclaimed: “ Just as well”!

Rasullullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam informed us that “Wudhu is the weapon of a believer.”

Daily we are confronted by various dangers such as crime, animosity, hasad, Sihr etc.

Wudhu is the weapon of a Muslim – a weapon given to us by Rasullullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam.

And by Allah, there can be no more an effective weapon than this blessed weapon.

Another lesson to be taken from the above episode is not to interfere with the Auliya, ridicule and mock at them. In a Hadith it is mentioned that Allah Ta’aala has declared war against such persons. Only a most wretched person determined of self-destruction will court the anger of the Auliya.