Change the Direction of Life – Faqeeh-ul-Ummat رحمه الله

by Faqeeh-ul-Ummat Hadhrat Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi رحمه الله


Once, a person said to me: “Moulana, such a period has dawned

upon us that if we advise people, even by swearing an oath, they are

still unprepared to accept what we are saying.”

I advised him saying: “Brother, if your heart is pure then your

statements will be accepted and people will have conviction in what

you are saying. But if your heart is polluted, then your statements

will also be unacceptable. So how do you expect people to have

conviction in what you say?”


Adopting un-Islamic methods to obtain our livelihood will result

in disgrace in this world and the hereafter. An inspector had once

taken a bribe and while the money was still in his pocket, someone

slit it and took the money away. He sent one of his servants to me

requesting a ta`weez to recover that money.

“Convey my salaam to the inspector,” I said, “and tell him that

he was very fortunate that only his pocket was slit and not his

stomach!” In reality, the effect of that evil money should have slit his



Another government official had taken a bribe of 10 000 rupees.

He was then informed that the anti-corruption branch was on his

trail. He immediately became so panic-stricken that he suspected

each and every individual to be part of the anticorruption branch.

Greatly distressed, he mounted his bicycle and set off for home. Enroute,

if anyone greeted him or smiled at him or even waved at him,

he suspected that person to be the enemy. As he passed by a river,

he dismounted from his bicycle, and after ensuring that no one was

observing him, he flung that money into the flowing waters.

Only then did he regain his sense of serenity.


From this episode we understand that wealth obtained from incorrect avenues is a

source of disgrace and distress in both the worlds.

It is recorded in the hadeeth that the entire world and its

possessions are not even worth the wing of a mosquito in the sight

of Allah Ta`ala. Had it been as valuable as the wing of a mosquito,

then Allah Ta`ala would not have afforded the disbelievers to sip

even a drop of water. The wealth that the disbelievers have been

bestowed with is not by any means a sign of acceptance in the sight

of Allah Ta`ala.


The entire world is searching for peace, security and serenity, but

they fail to find it in their mundane pleasures. Allah Ta`ala has kept

this serenity in His deen, which is Islam, the Qur’aan, Imaan and

adherence to the sunnat of Nabi _.

The entire world is writhing in fear over their future. It is said

that the atom bomb has been created for the benefit of mankind.

This destructive weapon is capable of mass extermination! What

benefit can be accrued from such a weapon?


True benefit lies only in saving ourselves from the fire of

Jahannum, and this is achieved by deserting our evil and despicable

habits and becoming the beloveds of Allah Ta`ala. This was the

teaching of Nabi _. This is the message that we need to inculcate in

our lives and disseminate all over the world. Indeed, this is the

objective and purpose of tableegh. Jamaats are spreading this message

everywhere they go and they are requesting that we also spend

some time in spreading this message. May Allah Ta`ala grant us

taufeeq. Aameen.


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