Du’aas to Reflect Over and Recite

Du’aas to Reflect Over and Recite

Recite the following Du’aa all the time, especially after your Salaats:

“O Allah! I ask from you complete blessings, permanent protection, all-inclusive mercy, thorough wellbeing, a pleasant and comfortable livelihood, a fortunate life, absolute goodness, all-pervasive bounty, the sweetest grace, and the most beneficial benevolence.

O Allah! Be for us and not against us. O Allah! Seal our fates with good fortune, endorse our expectations with increased rewards, enshroud our mornings and evenings with safety and wellbeing, make our return and destination Your Rahmat, pour buckets of forgiveness over our sins, favour us with correction of our faults, make Taqwa our provision, your Deen our sphere of exertion, and upon You our trust and dependence.

O Allah! Keep us firm on the Road of Istiqaamat (steadfastness), save us from acts in this dunya which will cause us embarrassment in the Aakhirat, lighten the load of our encumbrances, grant us the joyous life of the pious, take care of our worries of this world and the hereafter, repel from us the mischief of the mischief-makers and the conspiracies of the evil-doers and save our skins and the skins of our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters from Hellfire through Your Rahmat, O Almighty, O All-Forgiving, O Gracious One, O Concealer of sins and faults. 

O Creator of night and day! Rescue us from worldly worries, from the athaab (punishment) of the qabr (grave) and the Fire.

O All-Knowing, O All-Conquering, Yaa Allah, Yaa Allah, Yaa Allah! Accept these supplications out of Your Mercy, Yaa Arhamar-Raahimen.

And O the First of the first, O the Last of the last, O One of invincible power, O the Merciful on the poor, O the Most Merciful of the merciful! There is no god but You. Glory be unto You. Verily I have been among the wrongdoers.

May the special blessings of Allah be upon our leader, Muhammad, his family and all his companions.

And, all praises are due unto Allah, the One Who created, sustains and nurtures the universe to perfection.