In a public debate with Shiahs, Hadhrat Maulana Qaasim Nanotwi (rahmatullah alayh),
had inflicted a crushing defeat on the Shiah clergy who had engaged him in the debate.

The majority of Shiahs of the village repented and entered the fold of the Ahlus Sunnah
Wal Jama’ah. This was indeed a severe and a humiliating blow for the Shiah clergy.

The Shiah clergy plotted a scheme to bring disgrace to Hadhrat Nanotwi (rahmatullah alayh). The scheme
was to fake a Janaazah. A young man would be lying in the Janaazah. They would ask
Maulana Nanotwi (rahmatullah alayh) to perform the Janaazah Salaat. It was arranged that when Hadhrat
Nanotwi (rahmatullah alayh) proclaims the second Takbeer, the lad should jump out of the janaazah and
mock Hadhrat Nanotwi.

The Janaazah was brought and the clergy requested Hadhrat Nanotwi to lead the Salaat,
but he refused. He explained that the principles of the Salaat of Shiahs and Sunnis differ,
hence in terms of their own principles it is not permissible for a Sunni to lead the
janaazah Salaat. But, they insisted saying that the Buzrug of one community is a Buzrug
of all communities. In view of their appeals and persistence, Maulana Nanotwi agreed.

Hadhrat Nanotwi reached the Janaazah. On reaching the Janaazah, his face clouded
with anger. A huge crowd had assembled. His eyes became bloodshot. When he was told
to lead the Salaat, he complied. When upon the second Takbeer there was no movement
from the janaazah, one of the plotters made a sound as if to alert the boy in the Janaazah.
But there was no response.

On completion of the four takbeers of the Janaazah Salaat, Hadhrat Nanotwi
(rahmatullah alayh) exclaimed with anger: “He will now rise only on the morning of
Qiyaamah.” When they opened the janaazah, to their grief and consternation they found
the boy dead. Shiahs began to lament and wail. Numerous Shiahs having witnessed this
karaamat, embraced Islam. The clergy was thoroughly humiliated by this miraculous