Operation Imaan – Hazrat Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi رحمه الله

By F a q e e h – u l – U m m a t  Hazrat Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi رحمه الله

On one occasion, I had visited a certain place. After performing Maghrib Salaah, I was confronted by a person who very brusquely asked me, “Moulana, I wish to ask you a question. Tell me. Where is Allah Ta`ala? If He exists, then why is it that I cannot see Him?

Until I do not perceive Him with my five senses of perception, I will not accept His existence.”

“This answer requires a detailed explanation and I cannot answer you whilst standing here on the road. I am residing at a certain place. Please come there and we will discuss this matter.”

“Bravo, Moulana,” he replied sarcastically. “For one small mas’alah, I will have to present myself in your royal court!” From this one statement of his, I understood his complete temperament and what kind of person he was.

“If you had studied medicine and then excelled in the field of surgery, say eye surgery, and here, whilst standing on the road, someone comes up to you and says, ‘Doctor, I have a cataract in my eye, and since you are an expert in this field, please operate on me now.’ What will you say to him?”

“You will say,” I continued, “Brother, operations are not done in this fashion. You will have to first gain admission into a hospital.

Thereafter, your system will be cleansed. Your eyelashes will be cut. You will be made to lie down. Your eye will be anaesthetised, and only then can the operation be conducted. After the operation, a bandage will be tied around your eyes and you will have to remain
motionless for many hours. You will not be allowed to walk or talk to anyone. Operations on the eye are done in this fashion and if he retorts ‘Bravo, Doctor! For a minor matter also I will have to present myself in your royal court,’ what will you say to him? If you operate
on him there and then, then you have betrayed your profession. You will in all likelihood damage his eye. Needless to say, if the government learns of your action they will confiscate your diploma and punish you accordingly.”

After presenting this example, he agreed to meet me at my place of residence. These people do not understand the reality of proofs.
They understand examples very quickly but not proofs.