Hadhrat Shaqeeq Balkhi (rahmatullah alayh), said: “I have selected four Ahaadith out of a total of 4000 Hadith narrations.”

(1) Do not attach your heart to any woman. Today she is for you and tomorrow for someone else. If you obey a woman, she will lead you into Jahannum.

(2) Do not incline your heart to wealth. Today wealth is a trust in your custody. Tomorrow it will belong to someone else. Do not unnecessarily plague yourself with worries over something which will belong to someone else tomorrow. If your heart inclines to the wealth, it will prevent you from the obedience of Allah. The fear of poverty will develop in you and you will follow shaitaan.

(3) Abandon whatever agitates your conscience. The heart of a Mu’min is a witness and a Mufti. At the time of doubt, it begins to agitate. It fears haraam and derives peace from halaal.

(4) Do not embark on any project as long as you are not convinced of its correctness