What Should We Do About The Objections Of People?

What should we do about the objections of people?

An Imaam once complained to Hadhratjee  رحمه الله regarding the objections of people.

Hadhratjee  رحمه الله replied:“No person,no matter how great he may be in Deeni circles as well as worldly circles, can ever be safe from the objections and criticism of people. Even though the person may become the Ghausor the Abdaal of the time he will have to tolerate peoples‟ criticism.

One must realise that when people have levelled their objections against Allah Ta’ala’s and His Rasul صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَم  then who is it that can be safe from the criticism of people.“We should always look objectively at the criticisms that are levelled against us. If it is something against the commands of Allah that we have done, we should immediately make taubah(repent);and if it is against the makhlooq(creation) of Allah, we should ask them for forgiveness and fulfil their rights. Thereafter do not be too concerned regarding these condemnations. Clear your mind from all these thoughts. Unnecessarily do not immerse yourself in grief and worry.”