Adultery, The Worst Tyranny On Earth

Adultery, The Worst Tyranny On Earth

Out of all human follies adultery and rape are the worst human acts which perpetrate injustice and tyranny on the human individuals as well as the society at large. Prophet Joseph who was a model of decency, gentleness and knowledge was put in a trial to save his modesty. Divine decree passed him through different circumstances both difficult and trying. He was brought in the house of Aziz, a Minister of Egypt. When he attained manhood, the wife of Aziz was strongly drawn towards his youthful beauty. On a day, when her husband was away, she apparelled herself in gold and light and presented herself as a perfect bride to seduce Prophet Joseph and fall in illicit relationship wither. The Holy Qur’an stated:

“The woman in whose house he stayed, she seduced him and closed all the doors of the house and called upon (shamelessly) to enter upon her modesty.”(S.12: V: 23}

But Prophet Joseph refused and said:

“I seek the protection of Allah! (against your evil design) He (your husband) has been so kind to me and (I cannot ignore his rights) No unjust oppressors will earn salvation.” (S-12: V.23)

  1. i) Adultery and rape is the root of all oppression and social injustice. Human character and human deeds are soiled and spoiled by lewdness and indecency. There is often wastage of wealth and at times there is also blood-shed. Normal health of indulgents is lost and sexual diseases often afflict such persons. Lewdness, indecency,” cheating, selfishness, and servitudes to casual desires, waywardness in thinking and spiritual backwardness are some of the concomitants of adultery and rape.
  2. ii) Adultery also works havoc to a noble family whose reputation suffers an irreparable loss. Infamy begins to be attached to such a family and the general good character of the new generation suffers a severe setback.

iii) A noble-hearted woman who is naturally shrouded by feeling of shame and modesty is made to work against her own psychology. The evil act of rape transforms the human character of a woman. Her mental horizon becomes polluted and a time comes when she has said good bye to all good values of womanhood. The profession of prostitute is an outcome of men who have worked hard for the spread of indecency and lewdness in a good society. A good woman, when allowed and depend into sinful activity, gradually loses her feminine sense of honour and takes to a life of profligacy.

  1. iv) There are cases when a woman breed, when forced into rape, prefers• death to life and commits suicide.
  2. v) In the case of a married woman, the act of rape perpetrated upon her amounts to tyranny of the worst order.
  3. vi) Adultery and rape are acts of mistrust perpetrated upon the new unborn generations. A bastard child has no personal fault put a Pandora’s Box of evils and deprivations are opened upon him. His misfortune deprives him of his normal growth and normal moral and spiritual development. Neither his body nor his soul can aspen to live true human life. This injustice has been also by the devilish man who has committed adultery resulting in his birth.

The Prophetic mind of Prophet Joseph understood the depth of events involved in the act of rape. He therefore spoke out his mind that a prison cell was far better than the heinous crime to which the profligate women of Egypt were inviting him.

Adultery, A big injustice:

Keeping in view the social mischief brought into form. by adultery, Allah, the Exalted, has treated this sin only one stage lower than murder. This is not murder but in its evil effects on society it is equal to murder. While counting the good qualities of His obedient servants, Allah, the Exalted, has made a mention of this evil to be avoided by the righteous servants of God. He says:

“(The obedient servants of Rehman are those) who do not call any Deity besides Allah, who do not murder any person made unlawful until there is a legal justification; and they do not indulge in adultery or fornication; and whoso indulges in such vices, he shall meet suitable punishment.” (S. 25: V: 68)

The above quoted verse clearly explains that adultery is as much a heinous crime as polytheism, infidelity be forgiven or pardoned without proper repentance and atonement. The above verse continues to read:

‘The punishment of a person indulging in adultery and fornication shall be increasing moment by moment on the Day of Judgment and he shall dwell in it for ever.” (S-25:V.69)

Advice of the Holy Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam to a Young man:

Imam Ahmed has narrated on the authority of Hazrat Abu Umamah Radiallahu anhu that a young man came to the Holy Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam and begged permission for adultery. The companions disliked this very quaint request and reprimanded him. But the Holy Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam asked the young man to come close to him and entered into conversation with him after giving him a seat to sit down:

The Holy Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam:

Do you like this act (adultery) for your mother?

The young man:

No. “o” Prophet of Allah.

The Holy Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam:

Do other people like this act for their mothers?

The young man:

No. “O” Messenger of Allah.

The Holy Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam:

Will you like the act of adultery for your daughter?

The young man:

No. “O” Messenger of Allah. I may become your ransom.

The Holy Prophet:

All the people do not like the evil act of adultery for their daughters. Can you tolerate it for your sister?

The young man:

Never! “O” Prophet of Allah The Holy Prophet:

Can you like your aunt to indulge in such evil?

The young man:

No. “O” Prophet of Allah.

The Holy Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam:

All the people would disdain such an act for their aunts.

After having explained the psychological problem of the evil course in some detail, the Holy Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam placed his left hand on the heart of the young man and prayed for him: “0 Allah! Forgive his sins and purify his heart and protect his sexual power from all evil.” The effect of the prayer was that the young man changed his heart altogether and the evil of fornication became manifest in his eyes. He became a pious and Allah-fearing man and never thought of such an evil act afterwards.

Respect of a woman as a mother

Allah has, in His wisdom, given another weightage to the woman folks by emphasising the respect and good treatment for mothers. The Holy Qur’ an has taught the highest sense of respect for the parents in old age. They are not to be admonished under any circumstances even if their behaviour warrants any measure of admonishing. They are to be treated with humbleness and very lenient and soft talk so that their old and weak minds do not receive any shock at the hands of their grown up sons and daughters. The Traditions of the Holy Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam emphasise in different ways the very high sense of respect for the mother.

Sometimes it is said:

“Your mother is deserving of your foremost and highest respect and honour.”

Sometimes it is said:

“Paradise lies under the feet of your mothers.”

Sometimes it is said:

“The gates of the Paradise will not be opened for you until your parents are well pleased with you.”

Islam has given to the female a very high social status and removed for all times the unjust impression of treating a woman as a creature whose duty it is to conceive and give birth to children, to feed and bring up the children and to serve the male members of the family.