Hadhrat Mufti Rashid Ahmad Ludhyaanwi (Rahmatullahi Alayh)

Once, a person from northern Nazimabad (Karachi) came to Hadhrat Mufti Rashid Sahib. The man had a white beard, was old and apparently pious and Shar’i conscious. He was very affluent as well. He also said that Hadhrat Mufti Sahib was a distant relative of his. He requested Hadhrat to perform the nikaah of his son and join the groom’s party for the nikaah.

Hadhrat responded:

“The curse of photography in nikaah gatherings is widespread. Therefore, I do not go (to nikaahs).”

The man gave assurance that there will be no photography.

Hadhrat responded:

“If whilst performing the nikaah photographs are taken then I will immediately get up and walk away. Think carefully now, lest you become perturbed at your honour being wrecked.”

The man still gave the assurance and took full responsibility of no photographs to be taken. Hadhrat went. The groom’s procession left from northern Nizamabad by road reaching Manora. The nikaah was with the Navy captain’s daughter. Upon reaching Manora a huge tent pitched on an open ground was seen there. All around were photographers with their cameras.

Hadhrat said sharply:

“Until you do not hand me all these weapons of Shaitaan (the cameras) I am not going to go to that tent.”

Since there was no possibility of this command being met Hadhrat said that he was going to a certain Musjid and after the nikaah is over they should fetch him from there.

The man begged Hadhrat and said:

“For your sake we did not call any other person to conduct the nikaah. We are going to be in much difficulty for not having anyone to perform the nikaah now. Furthermore, it will be cause for much disgrace upon us.”

Hadhrat replied:

“Let that be. Leave alone performing the nikaah I cannot even go to that tent.”

Thus saying Hadhrat went to the Musjid. When he reached the Musjid he realised that it is not permissible to even associate with such people.

“Do not sit with the wrongdoers after admonition.” (Qur’aan)

Via boat he went to Kemari and from there taking a taxi he reached home.

The next day that man came and said:

“On our return when we did not find you we were overcome with worry.”

Hadhrat responded:

“That was the punishment of your doings.”


Hadhrat Mufti Rashid (Rahmatullahi alayh) would frequently caution over a mas’alah pertaining to photography and pictures.

He would say:

“Many Ulama and Deeni inclined people labour under the misconception that where photos are being taken, they will stand behind a barrier or bow the head down or screen their heads with a scarf, etc. so that their photo does not appear. They then think that they have escaped sinning in this manner. This is completely erroneous. The mas’alah is as follows:

1. If before arriving at the place of invitation one learns that there is sinning in progress then it is not permissible to go to that place.

2. If one finds out only after having reached the place then it is not permissible to sit there. It is fardh to go away, irrespective of one being a layman or an Aalim or senior. These two instances are applicable to everyone.

3. However, if the sin is not being carried out at the place of invitation; it is somewhere else, then it is permissible for a layman to sit at the venue of invitation (where no sin is being committed). However it is not permissible for an Aalim and senior to sit there. It is fardh for him to go away. Thus, regardless of anyone having escaped from his photo being taken, however by him remaining seated in that gathering he shares in the kabeerah sin and he becomes a perpetrator of haraam.

(Extracted from Anwaarur Rashid)