“Baarak Allahu Feek” – What is Barakah?

We hear this word, Barakah, & we often make Dua for others, “Baarak Allahu feek”. In fact, of all the things the Prophet ﷺ, could make Dua for for newlyweds, he asked Allah to give them Barakah!

So what does it mean? What is Barakah?

Barakah, if you want to give a term for it, you might say: Divine Goodness.

Or if you were going to define it you might say:
Being able to achieve more with few resources, doing much in little time, & generating a lot with little effort.

You buy a $100 toy, child doesn’t play with it for more than 1 minute & forgets it. No Barakah.

A .25¢ tennis ball brings hoots of joy for weeks to this same child. The tennis ball has Barakah.

A man takes his wife on a $10k/person cruise , but the whole time they argue & the trip is a real pain. No Barakah.

A senior man takes his wife to get $1 ice creams from McDonalds to show his love. They’ve been happily married for 45 years. {Barakah}

How does Barakah pertain to the tying your camel aspect of your Dua. Well, let’s say you want to invoke Barakah in your Dua chasing. How would you do it?

1. Mornings. Work on your Duas in the mornings. The Prophet ﷺ asked Allah, “oh Allah, give Barakah to my Ummah in their mornings.”

2. Make reading Quran part of your daily life, & house life. Allah says in the Quran:
{And this [Qur’an] is a Book We have revealed [Mubarak] blessed, so follow it & fear Allah that you may receive mercy} 6:155

3. Really appreciate saying Bismillah before you start things. Make good intentions when you do things. Do things with Ihsan/excellence. These are all sources of sincerity, & thus Barakah.

I’ve always wondered what does it mean when we say “in the name of Allah – bismillah”

When you say Bismillah before beginning things, you are unlocking that divine Barakah into what you are about to do.

What a sweet concept.

With best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level