Student is Instructed To Make Public The Error Of His Ustaad

Hazrat Shah Ishaaq’s student is instructed to make public the error of his Ustaad

One of Hazrat Shah Ishaaq’s students stayed in Ajmer, where through his lectures he was spreading the teachings of Islam.

He (the students) started lecturing on the hadith:

“Do not prepare your mount but for three (places), the Musjidul Haraam, Musjidul Aqsa and my Musjid (Musjidun Nabawi)”, which had a good effect upon his listeners.

It so happened that Shah Ishaaq at that very time intended to perform hijrat (migrate) and pass through Ajmer.

When the student came to know of this, he wrote to Shah Saheb telling him that if he had the intention of hijrat, he should not come to Ajmer because he had been lecturing on the above hadith.

There was a possibility that the people who had accepted his views on the hadith, may be adversely affected if the Ustaad of their Ustaad should seemingly act contrary to what he had taught.

Shah Saheb wrote back: “I am not coming to Ajmer intentionally, but only to visit it because it is on my route. Hazrat Khwajah Saheb is one of our Shaikhs, for this reason it is not appropriate that should pass by without showing my respects.

When I arrive there, continue your lectures and say that Ishaaq has done wrong to come to Ajmer. His deed is not a suitable argument. Say this in my presence and do not feel that I will be displeased. In fact, I will admit my fault. In this manner the fear you have will be removed.”

Shah Saheb also wrote: “The mujaawirs and grave-worshippers are mere watchmen. For the evil of the watchmen, one should not refrain from visiting one’s beloved.”