Shaytaan will say “Allah Had Certainly Made a True Promise To You”

Allaah اللہ تعالی says in the Quran Sharif, “When judgement will take place (and the sinners have entered Jahannam), Shaytaan will say (to those with him in Jahannam), “Allaah اللہ تعالی had certainly made a true promise to you (that you will be resurrected and called to account for your actions). I also made promises to you (that these things will not happen), but I broke them (I failed you). The only control that I exercised over you was that I invited you (but I did not force you to do wrong), and you responded to me. So do not blame me, but blame yourselves. I cannot be a helper to you (against Allaah اللہ تعالی punishment), nor can you be helpers to me. I am absolved of (free of responsibility for) your action of ascribing me as a partner (to Allaah اللہ تعالی by obeying me instead of Him) from before (in the world). There shall be a torturous punishment for the oppressors (the Kuffaar).””380

The Qur’aan makes it evident that the only people who will opt to follow the guiles of Shaytaan will be those who have no conviction in the Aakhirah or who are in doubt about it. This is because anyone who is convinced that he will be required to account for his actions in this world will certainly not obey Shaytaan. It is for this reason that Shaytaan concentrated his efforts on swaying the conviction of people from belief in the Aakhirah. As a result, the misguided people of the world either deny or doubt the advent of Qiyaamah and the Aakhirah.

It is with reference to this effort of Shaytaan upon the people of saba that Allaah says, “He (Shaytaan) cannot wield any power over them (cannot force them to do anything), except that (We have granted him some ability to influence them to do wrong so that) We may (let people) know those who have Imaan in the Aakhirah from those who are in doubt about it.

Your Rabb is Watchful over everything.”381

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